Friday Photo Session

The mercury continued its inexorable march toward triple digits -- indeed, triple digits were easily exceeded on the heat absorbing field turf. Despite the conditions, the Scarlet Knights continued with their Friday practice session.

Jabu Lovelace [6'2" 200] looks downfield

Lovelace [left] hands the ball to Raymell Rice [5'9" 195]

Lovelace [right] hands the ball to Raymell Rice [5'9" 195]

Justice Hairston [6'1" 210] breaks one.

Scarlet Knights looking on as practice continues.

Joe Radigan [6'5" 220] eyeing the ball as he prepares for the kick.

Keith Taylor [6'4" 185] makes the tough catch.

Brian Leonard [left] picks up a block from Mike Gilmartin [6'6" 285].

Ryan Hart [6'2" 200] looks downfield as Corey Barnes [5'8" 175] approaches.

Mike Teel [6'4" 220] looking to the corner of the endzone.

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