Saturday Photo Shoot -- Morning Session

As the sun continued its tortorous journey across the sky, with barely a breeze bringing the slightest semblance of relief, the Scarlet Knights continued work inside Rutgers Stadium, with today's morning session getting underway at 8:20 a.m.

Jean Beljour [6' 218] makes the cut and heads for the endzone.

Linemen performing in drills.

Gary Watts (near-side) lines up against Mike Fladell (far-side).

Gary Watts [6'3" 240] in 1-on-1s against Mike Fladell [6'8" 318].

Gary Watts [left - 6'3" 240] in 1-on-1s against Mike Fladell [right - 6'8" 318].

Coach Cary Godette [left] instructing his linemen.

Scarlet Knights pause for a well-deserved water break.

Coach Schiano gathers everyone at mid-field.

Brandon Renkart [right - 6'3" 225] picks off the pass, sheds a block and heads downfield.

Rutgers defense celebrates after Renkart's pick and return.

Center of attention:  from left to right - William Vogt [6'3" - 275], Joe Giacobbe [6'1" 280], Darnell Stapleton [6'3" 305], and Dave McClain [6'4" 295].

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