Freshmen Share Their Thoughts on College Life

Some of the biggest adjustments incoming freshmen have to make when they arrive on a college campus is that owing to a new lifestyle with the accompanying varied schedule. There is, of course, an adjustment to new surroundings and the necessity of acclimating oneself to a new set of people around you.

Everyone is all too familiar with their first few days, weeks, and months of college. A new lifestyle where you are in command of your own time.  A new place with completely new surroundings and new people every direction you turn.

But in the life of a Division-I college football player things are offered a bit differently than what we remember our days to be like. Indeed, the life of the student-athlete, wherein academics and athletics are juggled with the precision of walking a tight rope, can only be undertaken by those individuals with the type of character that will allow them the time and patience to adjust to their new environment.

Every year colleges across the country announce their incoming recruiting classes at the beginning of February. In many cases, these student-athletes, for the most part seventeen and eighteen years old, do not arrive to campus for another four or five months. But when they finally get there, things are all of a sudden, a bit different than
what they may be used to.

At Media Day, a number of Scarlet Knights from this year's incoming class were asked to tell us the one thing that is vastly different for them from high school - the one thing that they feel may deserve an adjustment to be made on their part.

Chris Dirksz - "You are used to having your own schedule, but now it is like you have to re-program the body."

Courtney Greene - "I love the weight room."

Glen Lee - "It's all about your attitude."

Raymell Rice - "College is not what you expect it to be.  If you think it's going to be all fun and games, you're in for a rude awakening."

Peter Tverdov - "They really manage your time."

Vantrise Studivant - "You have to be better with your time management and you have to have a lot of mental toughness."

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