A Look At One of the Country's Top Players...

Lance Thomas, out of St. Benedict's (New Jersey), has been one of the most heavily recruited players across the country. Several schools from across the ACC, Pac-10, SEC, and Big East currently top his list. Scout.com had a chance to get a recent update on one of the nation's top prospects.

Profile: Lance Thomas

  School: St. Benedict's (New Jersey)

  Height: 6-foot-8

  Weight: 200 Pounds

  Next Event: Golden Hoops (New York City), August 19th-21st

  List of Schools: Rutgers, St. John's, Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Florida, Duke, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Villanova   Favorite: According to his uncle, Monte Montgomery, there is no favorite.

  "Next month Lance is probably going to cut his list down to five to seven schools," Mr. Montgomery stated. "Lance is looking to go to a place where he can contribute right away. He also wants to be sure he is going to a program that has a chance to win."

  General Outlook: Lance Thomas is shooting for a Fall decision. However, according to Mr. Montgomery, there is a chance a spring decision could happen. The reason being is that Lance wants to monitor certain schools (if they land on his final list) in how they compete this upcoming season.

  Rutgers Outlook: It's a big year for Rutgers basketball. The excitement of this talented class should elevate positive thoughts from Rutgers fans and coaches. If this can translate into more victories, players like a Lance Thomas will seriously consider the Scarlet Knight program. The Knights must hope that Thomas first keeps them on the short list. If he does, then Rutgers has to prove it on the court to land someone like Lance Thomas.

  Thomas also have a very favorable opinion of the Rutgers coaching staff. But it's likely that on the court success will be very beneficial in landing Thomas.

  What Makes Lance Thomas so Special: Lance is a legitimate McDonald's All American candidate because he outworks his opponent. He is also a terrific defender who looks at the game of basketball as a marathon and not a sprint. Thomas does the little things that make great basketball players. If it means shutting down the other opponent's best player, Thomas will do so. If it means he has to score more and take advantage of a player matchup, then Lance will pick up his offensive pace.

  "Lance has goals in life too besides basketball," Mr. Montgomery said. "He is thinking about becoming an engineer. It might change a year from now. But he is a great kid who works very hard. He wants to become a complete player."

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