Photos from the Rutgers Game

Photos of past, present, and future Knights

Villanova 2005

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights obtained there first victory by defeating the Villanova Wildcats 38-6 for the 2005 home opener. Below are a few pictures from the game.

Rutgers on Offense

Rutgers Kickoff

Rutgers on Defense

From (left to right/front row) Reggie Funderburk (WR, 1993-95, 97) Donald Kessler (Head Trainer), Jason Curry (TE, 1994-96), Rashod Swinger (DL, 1993-96) Keif Bryant (DL, 1991-94) Donald Forbes (OL,1986-1990)

William Burnett (DL, 1998, 2000-02), Ray Pilch (FB, TE, C, 2001-03) and William Beckford (LB)

Rutgers Commitment Mo Lange.

(From Left to Right) Brad Cunningham (LB), Iowa Transfer George Eshareturi (DL), and William Beckford (LB)


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