Friday Night Lights - St. Joe's vs Don Bosco

Tonight's contest pitts two of New Jersey's best -- The St. Joseph Regional HS Green Knights come into the game sporting a perfect 4 and 0 record. After convincing victories at Teaneck and at home against an athletic, albeit young Hackensack squad, the Green Knights are set to face their division nemesis, Don Bosco. Coming off an equally impressive performance last week, the Ironmen, coming in at a perfect 3 and 0, must now take their show on the road.

Game: St. Joseph (4-0) vs Don Bosco (3-0)
Where: St. Joseph Regional HS, 40 Chestnut Ridge Rd Montvale, NJ
Date: Friday, August 7th, 2005
Time: 7:00 p.m.

In one of the most hotly anticipated matchups across all of New Jersey this year, the Green Knights of St. Joseph Regional HS host the Ironmen of Don Bosco. Both teams come into this game with perfect records with the winner likely headed for the top ranked spot in the Garden State, regardless of classification.

How They Got Here:

St. Joseph
Eastside (Paterson, NJ) W 46-20
at Teaneck (NJ) W 35-0
Hackensack (NJ) W 28-0
Paramus Catholic (Paramus, NJ) W 47-14

Don Bosco Prep
St. Anthony's (Melville, NY) W 20-7
at Bergen Catholic (Oradell, NJ) W 24-14
at Barringer (Newark, NJ) W 44-0

Given the magnitude of the game, both for the immediate families and players, the coaches, the thousands of fans in attendance, and the number of scouts likely to attend the game, we could think of no better way to preview this match that by hearing it from some of the player's own words.

In what follows several of St. Joe's Senior members will weigh in with their thoughts about the game, its meaning and possible implications.


Chris Dellafave
My name is Chris Dellafave. I'm a 3 year letterman for St. Joe's. I started a couple of games as a sophomore at guard. I've played center, guard tackle/d-tackle, d-end, buck and linebacker. This year I'm playing guard, linebacker and d-tackle. My 40 is a 4.7, my max on the bench is 375, my max on the squat is 525 and my max deadlift is 650.

This is definitely the biggest game of the year - hands down. They [Don Bosco] are ranked ahead of us in every poll known to man and we are the underdogs even though we are obviously the better team. We just need to come out and beat them so that there is no question who the best team in the state is.

Nothing really has changed preparation-wise besides the fact that we watch non-stop film on these guys. At one point we were calling out their plays before they ran them. I think this is gonna give us a huge edge. Besides that, preparation has been the same. Listening to the same crazy angry rock music in the looker room mixed in with some AC/DC and Metallica.

I think our parents are excited and nervous for us, because they want to see us win and be recongnized as the team that we are.

BRING THE PAIN. It is the only thing that is going through my head Friday night. I feel bad for the first person I'm going to hit.

The main goals I have this season is obviously, for us to go undefeated. To be 12-0, to be ranked #1 in the state and nationally. Get our 7th straight state championship and to prove to some college coach that a 6-foot kid can play football for a really good college program.


Anthony Ferla
Two years ago after the injury, it was rough. I was going through alot and at a point in time I didn't think I was going to be able to make it.

I worked really hard to get back to almost a standard. My junior season, I played the whole season with the plate and all the screws in my arm. They all came out after another surgery this January so I was able to start to work out for this upcoming season. I worked hard this summer to be the best I can be so that I have no regrets.

I'm not holding anything back.

I went to alot of camps and combines to prove to everyone I was back. After the injury it's really a reality check on how things can be taken away from you so fast that you have to bust your butt every second just to get back.

It has inspired me to let it all out.


John Tashjian
My name is John Tashjian. I am a 3/4 year letterman for St. Joseph's at Center. I was named to the second team All-League as a Center last year. My max bench is 310 and my 40-time is 5.1.

This is one of the biggest games of the year, along with Bergen and [the] states. It is important for us to win the regular season games against Bosco and Bergen. We have to prove we are the best during the season because being in Group 3 doesn't give us the chance to face them in the playoffs. So if we lose we don't have a chance to come back in the post-season again.

Basically this week is just a more up tempo type of week. We have great players with great mindsets, and when one of us turns it on in practice we all get going too. And we've have great practices, not to mention that our coaches have been great this week. They pushed us hard and we responded with great enthusiasm.

For myself when I prep for a game I like to be by myself in silence. I like to think, and think for a while about the game and what I and we as team have to do. Then it turns on, the Friday Night Lights theme and at that point I'm just ready to go. And right before we go on the field I just think to myself of what it was like when the clock ran to zero at the Bosco game, and standing in Rutgers Stadium on the 50 and I just think to myself how much I want that feeling again.

The parents are always nervous. They all want us to win so bad, they love watching us play, and they are our biggest fans. They love us and we love them, and they're always there for us.

I think that when I get up on the field I'll be thinking this is it, this is what I waited four years for.

It's our time. We gotta play every play like its our last one.

My goals for this season are, as a team to get the 7th straight state championship, and to overall go undefeated. A personal goal is to get better at the game of football every single day, to play my hardest and have some fun doing it.

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