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Corey Chandler is one of the top guard prospects on the East Coast in his class. Capable of big time scoring, he's got a strong handle that is crafty as well. He can drain shots and is a playmaker at the same time. This past August seventeeth, Chandler made Rutgers fans very happy by pulling the trigger and announcing his decision to play for his state school. And most recently, Chandler was one of many high profile NJ basketball prospects that had a chance to take in a Rutgers football game.

A virtual unknown until his stellar performance at this past ABCD Camp, Corey Chandler's stock skyrocketed in a matter of weeks. Indeed, the last-minute ABCD replacement wowed onlookers and immediately began to receive high-major looks. But this past August, it became obvious that the only thing that mattered to Chandler was the loyalty showed to him by Coach Hill since his Freshman days.

Nearly two weekends ago Chandler was among one of many in-state basketball prospects that made the trip to the Banks of The Ol' Raritan for a pre-game BBQ before taking in a little football action - Rutgers' Big East Conference football opener versus Pitt.

Some of the top prospects in attendance were the highly coveted Lance Thomas who recently named Rutgers as one of his 5 finalists, Jr. F Corey Stokes, Jr. PG Miles Beatty, So. Ashton Gibbs (interview upcoming), and Corey Chandler (Newark Eastside), Rutgers' latest pledge for the 2007 class.

"We had an open gym [at the Louis Brown Athletic Center]. We had a chance to meet some of the basketball players and some of the members from the Women's team. It was all really cool. We were in the stands just enjoying everything," stated Chandler in a recent interview with

After the quick visit to the famed RAC, it was time for a little BBQ, before the football game, televised nationally on ESPN2, was set to begin.

"The food was really good. We were just having a good time and looking forward to the football game."

Did Chandler have a chance to talk to the Sr. big man from St. Benedict's, Lance Thomas?

"Yeah, we talked for a little bit. We actually shook hands and talked about the possibility of doing something special here."

At 6-foot-1 and 175-pounds Chandler's commitment was described by many basketball recruiting analysts as a "major coup" for Rutgers. Getting this type of player may have an immediate impact on other local stars, and given the major New Jersey and New York-based basketball talent, that can only mean good things for Rutgers basketball.

"I think it has a very good impact and I think it is going to impact some people to come here."

"I want to get a good education and I want my mom to have a chance to see my games."

Certainly, staying close to home was of high importance for Chandler, but playing under the tutelage of the Rutgers coaches played an equally important role.

"I really believe in Coach Hill and Coach Waters. I think they are going to make me a better player."

And with the good vibes and high emotion of Rutgers' Conference opening victory over Pitt, Chandler had one more message for Rutgers basketball fans.

"I want you all to have faith in us. I want you all to know that we're going to have a really nice four years here. I decided to come here because I want to win an NCAA Title here."

With the confidence and charisma this young man possesses, it becomes quite easy to see why so many gravitate toward him. Add to that an on the court presence coupled with unteachable leadership qualities, and the future of Rutgers basketball seems suddenly brightly lit.

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