FCP, Scout pick top 50 in Class of '06

We're confident that every player on this list is a good player -- it does not follow, though, that every good player is on the list, nor that justice has necessarily been done. But we've done our homework, consulted experts and come up with what we think is a very solid list of talent.

Obviously, talent plays a huge role in who makes the list, but first, it's important to know on what basis we're rating players. The rubric, if you'll forgive that educational buzzword, is where the player will be as a senior in college.

So that means we're not talking about high school production, or WNBA potential, but rather about projected college performance. And since we're projecting, that means we're factoring in anticipated improvement, which means attitude is critical. A hard-working player is much more likely to improve than one who is less focused; a player who plays hard all the time is much more likely to improve than one who turns it on and off.

But every list has its foibles, and ours is no exception. And we'll know what went right, and wrong, four years from now. Until then, enjoy and critique:

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This list also is sortable by position.

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