Deerfield Beach Product Looking at Several

At 6-foot-4 and 265-pounds, Mike Blanc is an athletic big man that plays offensively and defensively for Deerfield Beach HS. With a long list of suitors and scholarship offers, one school may have the advantage due to the recent commitment of one of his teammates.

"Recruiting is going really well. I get a few schools calling me just about every week," stated an affable Mike Blanc.

The scholarship offers are numerous for the two-way standout by way of Deerfield Beach (FL).

"I have offers from Auburn, Arizona State, Michigan State, Temple, Rutgers, Toledo, Colorado, and a few other smaller schools. Florida is also calling me but they haven't offered. I'd also like to see some interest from Florida State and Louisville."

We asked Blanc to tell us a little bit about some of the schools he is more interested in at this time.

Auburn: One of the first things I like about Auburn is that, you see, I'm a Florida type of person and Auburn reminds me of Florida a lot because it's not too far. My recruiting Coach Eddie Graham is a really cool guy and I like him."

Arizona State: Coach Bill Miller, he's really cool also. What I like about Arizona State is that it's really hot out there and being from Florida I'd rather play in the hot than the cold.

Michigan State: They're a pretty good team. I haven't taken a visit there. I'll be able to say more if I take a visit there.

Rutgers: I like Rutgers a lot. I like Coach Rizzi a lot. He's so cool and he treats me so well. The entire coaching staff really made me feel cool."

I went up there [to Rutgers] for their four-day camp and the entire staff made me really feel comfortable."

"Everything there was so nice, it was brand new. The stadium and the scoreboard and everything was new. The weight room was really nice -- they even have a 50-yard dash line inside the weight room. I was really impressed. I've been to other weight rooms and I've never seen anything like I saw at Rutgers."

What factor will the Scarlet Knight's most recent commitment by Patrick Nemorin [one of Blanc's teammates] play in Blanc's decision?

"I've said to Pat, 'I think I might come up there with you'. They have a lot of Florida players and that's important and all the coaches there are really cool."

Regarding the cold weather, Blanc stated that it wouldn't be a problem for him at all. "You do get used to it after a while. It's not that important to me."

Blanc is set on one official visit so far -- to Rutgers.

"I think the visits that I'm going to take, I'm definitely taking one to Rutgers, then probably Arizona State, Auburn, and probably Colorado."

That does leave one slot remaining, which Blanc may or may not take.

"My main thinking on what I'm going to base my decision, first, would be my visit. The way I feel on the visit is the most important thing, how I get along with the players and how comfortable I feel. Then, a winning tradition is also important. My years at Deerfield Beach we haven't lost much, and I really don't like to lose. I would like to go to a team that has a pretty good tradition."

Blanc is well aware of the impact that Florida players have had on the recent success of Rutgers Football and knows one player on the current Scarlet Knight team -- Vatrise Studivant.

After winning an important district game this past weekend, Deerfield Beach is now 4-3 on the season.

"We really had to get that win. Last year we went undefeated in the regular season and then lost in the playoffs. I'd much rather get those losses out of the way early now and be ready for the playoffs."

In last week's contest Blanc had 4 solo tackles and 2 sacks.

"I play offensive tackle on offense, defensive tackle and defensive end on defense."

Most of the schools recruiting Blanc, including Rutgers, are looking at the 6-foot-4 prospect as a defensive lineman.

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