Senior Still Leads The Way

Ryan Hart was thrown into the mix four years ago at a time when the Scarlet Knights lacked the identity and the offensive potential that defines them today. It was only fitting that the Senior leader would get his chance at redemption, a chance to take back what has been his for so long. Last week, in storybook fashion, an injured Teel departed and made way for the all-time signal-caller to take rein of what has been his for so long.

"At halftime, they [Coaching Staff] said 'You're going to go in'. There wasn't really much said besides that. We just went over some things that we weren't doing very well as a football team and tried to correct that," stated the All-Time Rutgers QB, Ryan Hart.

And, as if every play was being scripted by the Rutgers Football gods of yester-year, Hart's first drive ensured that an inefficient first half of offense would be quickly forgotten.

"I think we just kind of decided to pick it up. Basically, we just looked into each other's eyes and knew what we had to do," continued Hart.

And 91 seemingly short yards later, Hart would lead the Scarlet Knights to their first TD of the game.

True freshman Raymell Rice, who set a new single-game rushing record for a true freshman at Rutgers, ground out 56 yards on three carries during the drive.

And Hart was quick to note his efforts.

"I mean, it helps so much when you have a guy like Rice back there."

The drive was capped off with a screen pass to Brian Leonard, a 19-yard touchdown pass that tied the score and enabled Hart to tie the Rutgers career record for passing touchdowns (43).

"It was a play-action play," recalled Hart of his first TD against the Huskies.

"Basically, what they did was bring in the SAM and I knew I didn't have too much time to hold on to the ball."

And like so many times before, Hart went to his bread-n-butter, Brian Leonard, in the flat.

"Me and Brian, we've been on the field for so long together that we have a good understanding of what we need to do. Sometimes when you're up late studying film together you just begin to get on the same page."

With the Connecticut game behind him, Hart is cognizant of the historical impact that the Navy game could have, if things break right.

"We're all really excited. We've put in a lot of hard work but we're not done yet. I've only been here for a few years but this could be really special for the fans. They're the ones that deserve this."

So much is made about attendance figures, game-day atmospheres, and home-field advantage, and while tickets for Homecoming continue to sell briskly, a sell-out has not yet been announced.

"I would really like it to be [this weekend's atmosphere] like it was for Michigan State. I think it would be great for the fans and great for the university."

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