Rutgers vs Navy Photo Gallery - V

Rutgers vs Navy Photo Gallery - V

Navy 2005

Former players Alcides Catanho (1993-94) and
former All-Big East DB Malik Jackson (1990-93)

(from left to right) Tom Wright (1990-1993), Mario Henry (1992-93),
and ShaunSmith (1990-93), Malik Jackson (1990-93),
Aaron Crowder (1993-1994), Doug Adkins (1991-92)
(back row) Chris Kennedy (1993-95) and Keif Bryant (1991-94)

Former Rutgers Captain and current Colts starting LB Gary Brackett (1999-2002),
Dennis Thomas (1998-01), and Ravon Anderson (2000-01)

The Knights on defense

The Knights on offense

The Rutgers Offense

DE Val Barnaby signing autographs after the game.

Former Rutgers track star and current Star of the Apprentice series
Randal Pinkett and former Rutgers football player Donald Forbes after the game.

Rich McManis (2000-03),Krzysztof Kaczorowski (2000), /, and Rob Ring (1998- 01)

Rutgers Athletic Director, Robert Mulcahy celebrates the victory
Yogi Berra and the Rutgers ground crew

The final score



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