Sights From RU-USF

Looking back at the pre-game festivities from Rutgers-USF.

The wonderful edible egg ...

Need to keep some of the grub warm.

The Rutgers Scarlet Knight protecting the fortress.

United States, Rutgers, and R House flags flying high.

WCTC Radio hosting Chris Carlin.

Motor City Bowl Rep (left in image) getting a taste of Rutgers' pre-game.

The Scarlet Knight Traveling Crew ...

The Rutgers Marching Band enters the Scarlet Lot.

The Rutgers Marching Band (click on image and turn volume settings on - this movie is viewable using Apple Quicktime). Please note that the file may take between 1 and 2 minutes to download, depending on your connection.

The Rutgers Band in a "Block R" formation inside Rutgers Stadium.

Rutgers' crowd in a frenzy as the Scarlet Knights attempted to rally in the 4th quarter.  Rutgers would stop the Bulls 1-yard short on this 3rd down attempt.


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