Sorie Bayoh Pledges to Rutgers

Sorie Bayoh [6-foot-2 and 225-pounds] has been training hard this season in the weight-room and succeeding on the gridiron. A defensive standout at Miami Gulliver Prep Bayoh has his squad playing their best ball of the year. Despite the focus on his senior season today's focus was on Bayoh's future as he decided to give his pledge to Coach Schiano and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

"Sorie is one of those guys that can come in and play LB or if they [Rutgers] want to put some size on him, and I think they will do that, they can and then they can move him on the defensive line as a rush end. They can do that with Sorie because he is just so fast. He's a 4.5-40 guy that can put on the weight and keep all that speed," stated Bayoh's coach, Ron Butler.

Indeed, what Rutgers gets in the Miami Gulliver Prep standout is, in one word, flexibility. Currently leading his squad to a 7-1 record and a berth in the playoffs starting next week, Bayoh gives the Rutgers staff a number of options regarding where to play him.

"This year, so far, he's the leader of our defense," continued Coach Butler. "We're 7-1 and he's a main part of the reason. I think Rutgers is getting a special kind of player in Sorie."

Bayoh has long been rumored to be a Scarlet Knight lean and nearly pulled the trigger several months back, before his camping trip to Rutgers this past June.

"I wanted to commit from the very beginning but my dad wanted to visit and wanted to have a chance to meet and get to know the coaches," stated Bayoh.

With Rutgers calling and making it known that the Scarlet Knights truly did want Sorie as part of their program, Mr. Bayoh, Sorie's father, was sold.

"My dad saw that they really wanted me to play up at Rutgers. And he saw that they wanted me to play and be a part of the family and not just be another guy on the roster," continued Sorieh Bayoh.

Rutgers Defensive Backs Coach Chris Demarest was Bayoh's recruiter.

"I talk to him frequently. He seems like a person that just cares for me. Right now, everything is just right."

Bayoh and his father have had their opportunity to catch glimpses of the Scarlet Knights in action this year. One of those games they had a chance to watch was the Rutgers-Pittsburgh game, televised nationally on ESPN2.

"Well, we turn the TV on and of course, we look at the defense first. We [Sorie and his father] both commented that they [Rutgers] look like they have Miami kids up there because they're fast and they're making plays."

"I'm going to do whatever it takes to win, I hate to lose. I love to win," stated Bayoh. Bayoh, whose squad has a tough test versus American Heritage this weekend in the first round of the playoffs, has become the eigth verbal commitment for Coach Schiano's Scarlet Knights.

Asked whether he will be attempting to convince any other sunshine state prospects to do as he did, Bayoh stated, quite emphatically, "Of course!"

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