Where will Rouson Trip?

Jaslee Rouson of The Hun School (Princeton, NJ) was on the Rutgers radar screen from the very beginning. The 5-foot-10 and 220-pound all-purpose running back had previously decided on two official visits. He has now decided on a third.

Jaslee Rouson is a 5-foot-10 and 220-pound all-purpose running back from The Hun School in Princeton, New Jersey.

So far this year Rouson estimates, 6 touchdowns to go along with about 500 yards on the ground on a little over 50 carries. Rouson, who splits time in the backfield at The Hun, also returns kicks, plays wide reciever in addition to suiting up defensively as a defensive back.

Rouson's primary advantage, and the reason why half a dozen schools have extended offers are due to his versatility, both in high school and as a projected back at the next level.

"You always hear about these backs who can just run, or who can just be a blocking fullback. Well you have people questioning me because I don't have huge numbers (stats). These people can't say anything to me when it comes down to it because I do everything a coach needs me to do to win football games," stated Rouson.

"I would rush for 2000 yards if I got 20 carries a game, but I only get about 5 to 8 since we have so many weapons [at The Hun]. But when I go to college, that's when the real Jaslee will be able to do his thing. All I need is to be around ball players who are as hungry as I am," continued Rouson.

As the conversation segued to Rouson's recruitment, the discussion of Rutgers' current backfield became the topic.

"I love them both," stated Rouson in regards to his admiration of Raymell Rice and Brian Leonard. "If I choose to go there [to Rutgers] they will be players to look up to."

"Ray is a great runner, but I can run, I can catch, and I can block. Just like what Leonard does for Rutgers. He is my favorite college running back. Because of everything he does on the field. He is a smart player."

Patterning one's game after one of the premiere all-purpose backs in college has pushed Rouson's sights high. One of Rutgers' first written offers in September of '04, Rouson has been one of two RBs high on the Scarlet Knights' board from day one.

"I was offered offically by letter in September 2004. I'm privileged to have been sought after for so long."

Unlike so many of the top prospects in the Garden State, Rouson's feelings for his state school are strong.

"I feel they are at a start of a great start at Rutgers, being a dynasty. I'll say it before anyone else does. Rutgers is going to be THAT team of the future," stated Rouson.

Rouson had previously scheduled trips to Ohio on November 19th and to Colorado on Thanksgiving Day. Early this week Rouson also declared that an official to Rutgers would be in the making.

"I have to schedule the Rutgers trip before Christmas. I don't think I'll take the last two trips."

With a Top 3, in no official order, of Colorado, Ohio, and Rutgers, Rouson still believes that an announcement on his comittment before Christmas is likely.

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