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Sabbath Joseph is about as hard-nosed a LB prospect that you will find. Regarded as one of the top LBers in the heavily recruited state of Florida, the 5-foot-11 and 225-pound prospect by way of Miami Central HS (Miami, FL) has several suitors chasing after him. Does one team have an edge?

Sabbath Joseph stands in at 5-feet-11 and 225-pounds. Joseph's less than ideal size should be of no concern to anyone. Scouts that have traveled to see Joseph in person are more than impressed with the speedy and aggressive manner that differentiates him from others at his position.

"I like being the underdog and I like to come out and shock people," stated Joseph. Joseph may have surprised people during his junior year when he blossomed into one of the top underclassmen at his position in the state. This year there have been few surprises and several schools have taken notice.

Indeed, among the schools that have stepped forth with an offer are Auburn, Rutgers, Mississippi, South Florida, and Arizona State.

At this point, Joseph has a pair of visits set up with Mississippi and South Florida, both toward the tail end of January.

Has Joseph though about additional visits?

"Yeah, Chris [Paul-Etienne -- QB by way of Miami Edison Senior HS] and I were going to come up to Rutgers but Chris' team was still in the playoffs. They just lost last [last weekend] so we're going to have to decide when to come up to Rutgers," stated Joseph.

While Chris Paul-Etienne attended the Rutgers camp in South Florida early this summer, Joseph was not able to. Nevertheless, Joseph has built a solid relationship with staff from the New Jersey-based school.

"I'm really impressed with the way Rutgers has been improving. I want to go to an up and coming program and I want to bring a couple of my boys along," continued Joseph.

Defensive Backs Coach Chris Demarest is recruiting Joseph for Rutgers.

"Coach Demo is my boy. I talk to a lot of coaches but when I talk to coach Demo I know it's for real," said Joseph.

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