Parker Cantey has started scheduling visits

Parker Cantey's ability to terrorize opposing QBs has numerous schools pursuing his services. Since his season is on concluded, he has started to schedule visits.

New York City is known more for producing major division IA basketball players rather major division IA football players. But the great metropolis has one of the best LBs in the Northeast region by the name of Parker Cantey. From his OLB position, he terrorizes opposing QBs and disrupts offenses. Due to his abilities to rush the QB, he feels that many schools view him as a 3rd down rusher rather than an every down player.

Cantey holds offers from Rutgers, Syracuse, Virginia, Iowa, and Toledo. Since his season has concluded, he has started to setup visits. Currently, he has visits setup with Syracuse on 12/9, Toledo on 12/13 (mid-week), and Rutgers on 12/16. Virginia and Iowa are still reviewing his transcript. Until they complete their review, no visit will be scheduled to either school. Since he has obtained a qualifying score on the SAT and has the required GPA, he expects to schedule visits to those schools in January.

Since he is waiting on the review of his transcript from Virginia and Iowa, he is currently focusing his recruitment on the three schools that he has visits scheduled - Toledo, Syracuse, and Rutgers. Below are his thoughts on these three schools:

- Although they did not have a good season, their defense was great.
- He likes the fact that Greg Robinson is the defensive coordinator and his credentials.
- He is very interested to see where they will play him to utilize his abilities.

- He is just started to find out about the school.
- They told him that he will play as a freshman
- He likes the idea of being a "big fish in a small pond"

- Coach Kyle Flood is his recruiting coach
- The school is close to his home. However, he stated that it might be too close.
- Likes the fact that Rutgers sees him as an athlete with the ability to play a number of positions.
- He has visited the campus in the past and he likes the facilities
- Feels that they are making history with their success.

Although he would prefer to play in the south, region or distance plays no factor in his decision. Some of the factors that do matter is the schools ability to assist him in his pursuit of his degree, play early, and have a good opportunity to play in the NFL. Along with these factors, he would like to have a good relationship with the school's coaching staff and a team that is hungary to win that only is missing one part to the puzzle.


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