John Maddox will schedule his last 2 visits

John Maddox has completed three of his five visits. Now Maddox is looking to schedule his final two visits and make a decision.

For John Maddox, it has been a long recruiting process. Since early in his junior year in high school, major college programs has been pursuing his services. As a result, Maddox started scheduling visits as early as he could in his senior year. His visits to North Carolina, Purdue, and Michigan State have went well. For his fourth visit, he has scheduled a visit to Morgantown, West Virginia. However, his fifth visit is still unclear. Some of the candidates for his fifth visit are Rutgers, Syracuse, and PSU. Due to his visit schedule and football schedule, his fifth visit will likely be after the holidays.

Although he is more than half way through the recruiting process, he states that he has no leader.

Below are his thoughts on the schools that he has visited or scheduled to visit:

North Carolina
- Was a great visit and has a lot of fun
- Liked the campus and the coaches.
- He can see himself hanging with many of the players

- Good campus
- Coaches were cool.
- Good engineering program

- Nice campus
- Players were awesome and showed him a really good time

- He has only been there once and he did not get a chance to really see the campus
- they are recruitng him as a DB
- he is comfortable with the coaches

After his championship game this weekend, he will turn his focus back onto the recruiting process and deciding on his fifth visit.

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