Highly Flying Jeff Robinson

The 2007 New Jersey basketball class is filled with exceptional players. One of the most exciting players is Jeff Robinson of St. Patrick's High School. Scout had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Robinson about his high wire act and his recruitment.

Look, up in the sky is where you will most likely find Jeff Robinson. Whether it’s launching a deep 3 or soaring above the rim to throw one down Jeff likes the air up there.

I have had the pleasure of interacting with Jeff quite a bit over the past 6 months and here are a few of my observations. First and foremost Jeff has tremendous leaping ability which always gets me (a former high-wire act myself) excited. The thing I am trying to communicate to Jeff is the total development of his game is what will separate him from the many that experienced dizzying heights before him. Usually when god blesses us with hops he also has the power to make us fall victim to the adrenaline rush of humiliating our opponents with a thunderous dunk, exciting the crowd but making us forget the other parts of our game like defense, lateral movement, ball-handling and offensive and defensive rebounding. Lucky for Jeff I am there to constantly remind him and show him how to improve those areas of his game. I believe Jeff has the potential to be a big-time 2 guard capable of finishing above the rim, shooting the three, rebounding and playing suffocating defense on the ball as well as in the passing lanes. Time, Jeff and several more hours in the gym listening to me will hopefully bring him closer to realizing his full potential. I have watched several top Big East and ACC coaches salivate and daydream about Jeff filling the wing and finishing high above the rim to the delight of the many fans in attendance.

In order for that dream to become a reality Jeff must continue to work on the little things that will make him a complete player and not just a novelty high flyer. Jeff has started to take strides in fulfilling his college dreams by taking some time away from the Rat Race known as the summer AAU circuit to focus on improving his academics and his game. Unfortunately, some took that as an opportunity to move him down in their so called rankings. Jeff did what all smart players do; ignore them and go out and earn All-Star Honors at Five Star, and MVP of the prestigious Eddie Griffin Challenge earlier this fall. It’s no secret that RAC would love to see Jeff flying down the court soaring high above the rim, the question is does Jeff see himself flying down the court dunking for the Scarlet Knights or on the Scarlet Knights?

I sat down with Jeff after practice to get a few of his thoughts and here’s what he had to say about the potential of playing at Rutgers: “I really like Rutgers. They have been on my radar since the eighth grade and I feel comfortable with them. I enjoy watching games at the RAC and the fact that they’re in New Jersey is also very appealing to me. Other than Rutgers, I really like UCONN and Miami. Coach Calhoun is a great coach and I really like their program. Miami is an interesting one because they are in the ACC and the weather and everything is beautiful down there.” Yes Jeff, everything is beautiful in Miami!

So there you have it flying at the RAC, flying over Storrs or flying over South Beach Jeff Robinson will be easy to find, just look up!!

Check Jeff Robinson doing a few drills as during a workout session.

Jeff Robinson Drills

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