Jersey Shore's Top QB

Marc Taylor, 6-2, 225, 4.7, QB, Asbury Park High School

Without doubt the top quarterback in Monmouth County this year is Marc Taylor.

Last year Marc threw for 2542 yards 329 attempts and connected for 11 touchdowns. This year he is on track to become the all time leading passer in Shore area. Last year's performance has brought a ton of interest in Marc. The schools include Rutgers, Syracuse, Boston College, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Temple and Miami. Every Big East program. Out of the Big Ten Marc has heard from Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern and Wisconsin. Out of the ACC Maryland, North Carolina and others are on the list.

The list isn't surprising. Marc can do that which breaks games open. He can throw deep with accuracy.

Marc also has the intangibles. His coach calls him a "great, great kid" who is "fearless, coachable, with an understanding of the passing game."

Marc is biding his time. He considers himself wide open at the present although he favors UNC, Maryland, Virginia and Iowa at this time. He'll be looking for a school with good academic support, a good tradition and a team that can move the ball on offense.

Marc is someone I'll be keeping a close eye on this season. If, as expect, passing records start to fall, Marc's recruiting saga could become one of the more interesting stories for RU fans to follow this season.

Mike Fasano:

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