Eric Yngstrom

Eric Yngstrom, 6-2, 260, 5.0, DL, OL, Freehold Township High School

Another one of the best players in Monmouth County is Eric Yngstrom. Eric is 6-2, 260 DT, OT out of Freehold Regional High School. Eric plays both offensive and defensive line but projects more as a defensive lineman at the next level. On defense last year Eric had 35 solo tackles, 45 assisted tackles, 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries and he batted down 7 passes. The last statistic is the most telling. One of the marks of an outstanding defensive player is their ability to flow to the offense's point of attack which is something that Eric does extremely well.

Eric is being actively recruited by several Div 1AA schools (including Harvard which tells you something about grades) and is getting interest from Div 1A schools including Rutgers, Northwestern, California and Boston College.

Eric expects to attend camp at BC and Hofstra later this year and calls BC a downright favorite at this time.

He is looking for a school with a good academic reputation and a winning football program.

Mike Fasano:

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