Lorenzo Breland

Lorenzo Breland, 6-3, 315, 5.1, Picayune Memorial HS (Mississippi)  OL

Ever since the Terry Shea years RU has been short of talented linemen. Perhaps, Greg Schiano needs to look far and wide for guys who can fill the bill. Down in Mississippi there's an an immensely talented All State Lineman who would listen if RU came calling. He is one of Mississippi's top offensive Lineman and his name is Lorenzo Breland. Breland has been starting since he was a sophomore but last year's performance really started to catch the attention of college recruiters. Last season he averaged between  9 and 10 pancake blocks a game and graded out at over 94% on his blocking assignments. That got folks attention fast. The first schools on the scene were Mississippi State, the University of Southern Mississippi and Memphis but with the contact period about to begin the schools mailing him constitute a sampling of major universities throughout the nation including LSU, MSU, Ole Miss, University of Southern Mississippi, Stanford, Duke, Nebraska, Tulane, Alabama, Colorado, Army and Navy.

While as a Junior he helped led his team to an impressive 11-1 record. He also Gained All District 74-A 1st team honors, All Area by the Picayune Item, and All State 1st Team. He has also be recognized as one of MS top players one of MSU  websites (Gene's Page) , he has also been recognized on Rivals100.com as one of the top recruits in Mississippi.

I talked to Lorenzo last night and asked him if his college plans might include the Big East. He said he would definitely be interested in the Big East and mentioned Syracuse, Miami and Virginia Tech as being conference schools that he would be most interested in. Lorenzo also noted that he is looking for a university with a good academic program and stated he would definitely listen to RU if they recruited him. 

Lorenzo, a full qualifier,  runs a 5.1, benches 315 and squats 510 but he'll be looking to hone his football skills as he'll be attending at least four camps this summer including the Offensive - Defensive Full Contact Camp, the Mississippi State Camp, the Ole Miss Camp and the Kentucky Lineman Camp.

Lorenzo is looking for a number of things in a university including a good academic reputation, a good environment and a solid football program. Rutgers has the first two and is building the third. A recruit like Lorenzo might take them a long way towards that goal.

Mike Fasano: MikeFasano@comcast.net

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