Adjepong has scheduled a visit to Rutgers

Jason Adjepong visited Ohio State this past weekend. Although Adjepong enjoyed his visit to the Big Ten school, he will continue the recruiting process with a visit to his state university.

If everything goes as planned, when the dust settles Jason Adjepong figures he will know the right school when it hits him. But right now, he’s not that far along.

This past weekend, the 6-2, 254-pound defensive end took the second of what he’s expecting to be five official visits. The first one was Michigan back in October, and this time, it was Ohio State.

Still in the searching and research phase of his recruitment, Adjepong hasn’t really worked up a big appetite for any particular school. But last weekend, he still satisfied a few cravings.

“We ate a whole bunch,” he said laughing. “It seems like we ate every two hours. They did a real good job of taking care of us, especially with the food.”

Was it a defensive lineman’s dream smorgasbord?

“Oh yeah, a lot of food,” Adjepong recalled vividly.

The 4-star end is ranked No. 7 nationally by and was hosted on the trip by New Jersey native Malcolm Jenkins. He visited Michigan on the second weekend of October.

This upcoming weekend, December 9-11, Adjepong will visit Blacksburg, Va., as he tours the Virginia Tech campus. On December 16 he will visit Rutgers, and his fifth and final visit will be either Iowa or Boston College.

Adjepong summarized his visit to Columbus, beyond his eating habits last weekend.

“It went well. It went real well,” he said. “We had a lot of fun and hung out with all the recruits.”

“We got a good look around campus and got to tour all the facilities and everything else,” he added.

One of the hottest topics in recruiting is weighing a gameday official visit with that of one on a weekend where there are no games being played – such as a visit to Ohio State in the first weekend of December.

Asked if Adjepong felt it was a disadvantage to visit schools without being able to see a game as he was able to do in Ann Arbor a couple of months ago, he chimed in.

“It doesn’t really matter, it kind of evens them out,” Adjepong replied. “At Michigan, I got to see the academics and I was impressed by it, but also I got to see the game atmosphere and it kind of helped me out at Ohio State because now I know how it is to have 100,000 people at a game. That kind of helped me at Ohio State looking more at academics which I didn’t get to do quite as much at Michigan.”

He more directly compared his two official visits thus far – Michigan and Ohio State and obviously that issue was obvious in what he took from each school.

“The main difference was that at Michigan it was game week and it was a little different so that week I got to see a gameday atmosphere where as Ohio State I got to see more of the academic side,” he said in comparison. “They were different visits but kind of similar too.”

Now, he will complete visits to Virginia Tech and Rutgers. Distance, if anything, is what Rutgers might have going for them.

However, Adjepong insists that actually might not be the case.

“I’m not really sure that’s a factor,” he said. “It helps but it’s not really going to make a difference.”

As Adjepong explains he’s still trying to learn everything he can about each and every school, the decision of where to attend won’t have to be dealt with for at least another month or so.

But until then, he has a tougher task.

“Trying to decide where to go on my last visit will be real tough,” Adjepong explained.

He realizes he can only officially visit five schools, and he’s unlikely to go somewhere he cannot see on an official.

“Exactly, that’s why I want to find out as much as I can before I take the last visit so I make the right choice,” he said. “Then after the visits, I can really start thinking about it (my choice).”

Until then, he will continue with his three remaining visits and finding out everything he can about those schools.

The rest will take care of itself – including his meals.

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