Chris Paul-Etienne: "I love Rutgers"

The first thing that struck me when my eyes first landed on Chris Paul-Etienne of Miami Edison Senior HS this past summer was the young man's arm strength. Making a 50-yard toss truly look effortless it was easy to see why colleges went after the 6-foot-1 and 180-pounder. However, after his first and only official trip, Paul-Etienne has become certain as to where he wants to spend the rest of his collegiate career: at Rutgers.

"It was awesome," stated Chris Paul-Etienne in reference to his official trip to Rutgers.

Chris Paul-Etienne a fleet-footed quarterback that can move the ball in a hurry through the air and on the ground committed to Rutgers earlier on Sunday.

"Throughout the entire trip my eyes were open and they just stayed big the entire time."

Paul-Etienne selected Rutgers over several other schools, including Minnesota and Illinois. The difference-maker was a combination of things, none more prominent than the feeling of "family" he felt around the Rutgers staff and players.

"The facilities were great. The entire environment was perfect. I can't do anything but smile right now."

Having arrived at the New Jersey based campus on Friday, Paul-Etienne began what was to be a long series of firsts on his inaugural official visit.

"It was the first time I saw snow. It was definitely something new. At first I thought it was going to be about zero degrees outside but then when I walked outside it wasn't so bad. I'll definitely be able to get used to it."

After touring the campus and facilities it was off to ESPN Zone, where Paul-Etienne and others had a chance to see NYC up close and personal, once again for the very first time.

Willie Foster was Paul-Etienne's host.

"Me and Willie Foster, we hung out a lot. He just accepted me as a friend and I accepted him as a friend. yesterday he even went to the RU-Grill resturant to get some food."

As if food was even a necessity.

"The food, it was great. They were feeding us like four times a day."

On Saturday, given that Rutgers is preparing for its first ever Bowl game outside of the Garden State, Paul-Etienne had a chance to catch a glimpse of his future teammates in practice. Instead, it was others that may have caught a glimpse of the future gunslinger in action.

"I threw the ball 70-yards [in the air]," stated Paul-Etienne. It is precisely this type of arm strength coupled with a pair of fast moving feet that initially caught Rutgers' eye back in June. And now, Paul-Etienne will be bringing his talents to Rutgers.

Any other visits in the offing for the Miami Edison Senior HS star?

"I don't need to compare this with anything else. Everything was just perfect at Rutgers.

Rutgers Defensive Backs Coach Chris Demarest recruited Paul-Etienne to Rutgers.

"Demo is officially my brother," said Paul-Etienne. The bond formed with Coach Demarest and the rest of the Rutgers staff in addition to his newly formed friendships at Rutgers were more than enough reason for Paul-Etienne to pull the trigger in favor of Rutgers.

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