3-star Fla DB is down to two schools

DeAndre Morgan is one of the more talented DBs in the sunshine state. Initially, he committed to an ACC school but things might have changed.

This speedy DB from Suncoast High School in Florida, paid a visit to Rutgers this weekend. DeAndre Morgan had a real positive visit and was willing to share his perspective on his trip to New Brunswick and the Big Apple.

Talk about your trip:
"It was real good. It was the first time I got to see the snow, so that was exciting. I was concerned about adjusting to the snow, but it was not that bad.

I got to see NYC for the first time. Was able to see the beautiful life, see all the lights. That was cool."

Who hosted you?

"Vantrise Studicant was my host. He was my teammate last year. He is doing real well up there and it was good to see him.

Coach Demarest would be your position coach at Rutgers, but Coach Rizzi is recruiting Palm Beach. Describe your relationship with those guys.

"Well, I am close to Coach Rizzi cause he is the recruiting coordinator for Palm Beach. He is way cool. He makes me feel comfortable because he comes down here and is like one of us. He is just very down to earth."

Coach Demarest - "He is a trip. He would be my position coach. I don't know what else to say about him. He is just insane."

What were your impressions of the weight room, the facilities?

"I thought the facilities were real nice. I don't want to compare them to NC State and stuff, but they have them just set up really good."

Talk about academics.

"That really impressed me about Rutgers. They have a great academic set-up. The coaches say kids don't fail from that program. If they fail, it is because they mess-up. They take academics very seriously, and since football is not forever, I really like that. It gives me something to fall back on."

What did you guys do for fun on your trip?
"We went to ESPN. We did not listen to the Heisman show because we were playing games and stuff. We had this Palm Beach vs Broward thing going on, which was a lot of fun."

Further trips lined up? When are you looking to make a decision?

"No more visits. I am down to NC State and Rutgers. I don't want to rush this, because my choice is where I will be for the next 4 to 5 years of my life. I just need to sit down with my family and we will come to a decision when we are ready.

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