FL OL/DL might have a decision soon

Standout Florida DL/OL might be ready to end his recruitment by next week after his second visit to another Big East program.

It is not unusual for a linemen to get lost in the shadow of the abilities of a highly skilled and highly recruited player. In the case of Jeremy Baker, he plays on the same team of standout DB Brandon Heath. However, schools have taken notice of Baker's quick feet, balance, and quickness. Rutgers, West Virginia, Middle Tennessee State, Florida International, and Louisville have extended an offer to the 6'5"-330lbs DL/OL.

On the weekend of December 9th, Baker took his first of his three visits to his favorite programs with a visit to Rutgers. As a result of the number of Florida players on the Rutgers roster, Baker found the state university of New Jersey to be just like home. These feelings were even bolstered due to one of his best friends, Vantrise Studivant, telling him about the ins and outs of the program and the school. Baker also liked the straight talk and honesty of the Rutgers coaching staff as well as the facilities. However, he stated the stadium could be bigger. Even so, he ranked the visit an eight in a scale of one to ten.

His teammate Brandon Heath accompanied Baker on his Rutgers visit. Both of them will also visit Louisville on the weekend of December 16th and possibly West Virginia in January. Since all of his favorites are Big East schools, he stated that he will be on a Big East roster this Fall.

As a normal part of a Rutgers recruiting weekend, the recruits visit New York City to tour the city and visit the ESPNzone. Unlike many of the recruits, Baker did not like NYC because of the traffic and the lights. He stated that this was because of his personality is more geared for a small town. However, he did like the ESPNZone along with hanging out with the other recruits.

Although it was a good visit, it was his first one. Therefore, Baker does not have a leader and he is looking to compare his next visit (Louisville) to his Rutgers visit. He stated that by next Monday or Tuesday, he might have a leader. Since his visit to West Virginia will be in late January, he stated that he might not wait to make a decision. Therefore, the decision might come down to Rutgers or Louisville.

Since Louisville is recruiting him as a DT, he is attracted to the program. But he stated that it does not matter if he plays offense or defense. He just wants to play whatever position that gets him on the field the fastest.

Finally, he would like to help start a tradition at a school and bring the program a national championship.

Stay tuned...we will have another update on Baker soon.

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