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On the final day of the April recruiting period Gary waters came up big getting two big guys.  One a junior college center is a definite; the other who allegedly is coming is a transfer. Expect the first guy to get the letter in soon if its not here already, expect the second guy to hold off and sign a non-binding college only letter.

Waters did real Good, as in six foot nine inch two hundred forty five pound Harry Good of Baldwin High School, Roosevelt, New York by way of Maine Central Institute, Northwestern University and Fresno State College.  Harry will qualify under the four two four rule.  For those of you who aren't regulars to this column, the 4-2-4 states that if you start at a four-year school, transfer to a two-year school and then transfer back to a four- year school, you must enter the third school with a degree from the second. An example would be Rob Hodgson who had an Associates Degree from Suffolk when he entered Rutgers.  If you do not have the degree, you must sit for one-year just like a four-year school transfer.

As a high school senior Harry averaged 18 points and fifteen rebounds per game and was an All Area selection.  He played for the legendary New York Gauchos AAU team. This inside force was recruited by Boston College, providence, Xavier, LaSalle and Northwestern before Kevin O'Neill after a year up at Maine Central Institute. You could predict good things on the court by looking at his bloodlines, Hall of Fame guard, Tiny Archibald, and Miami center, Willie Frisby.

Harry who is a bull on the boards was a perfect fit for the in your face defense and offense of O'Neill. When Kevin went East to become a New York Knick assistant, Harry found himself like a duck out of water in Coach Carmody's weave offense. So, he transferred to Fresno State where he reasserted himself on the inside.

Good averaged 17 points per game and 14 rebounds per game for a 26-8 Fresno state team in a tough California Junior Conference.  He always showed up for the big games as can be indicated by his 26 point out put in an upset victory against the number one Ventura, California, squad. Good was also recruited by Wyoming, Washington, Washington State and UCLA.

The second player is Gabe Hughes, the former California center. He allegedly made a non-binding commitment to Rutgers on Monday.  He told Gannett reporter Greg Tufaro that he will register at Rutgers for summer session that begins in two weeks. Gabe must sit out next year under NCAA regulations.  He will be eligible for the 2003-2004 season.

Rutgers is still looking for one or two more slots to be filled for next year. One will definitely go to an insider, either high school or foreign. The other if given, will go to a guard or swing.


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