Get know Rutgers latest commitment

Rutgers might have unearthed a gem withe the commitment of 6'3"-305lbs Marlon Romulus.

Linemen are the key to any good football team. That is why college coaches are continuously evaluating film looking to unearth a gem. During the weekend of December 16th, Rutgers might have unearthed one hidden gem with the commitment of Marlon Romulus. Romulus is a new name to many people who follow recruiting. Unlike many other players, he did not attend any combines or college camps. He was determined to workout on his own developing his skills.

At 6'3"-305lbs, Romolus dominated the offensive line for Floral Park H.S in Long Island, New York. He paced his team to a 7-3 record and a berth in the Long Island playoffs. On defense, Romolus played DE and registered 33 tackles along with 6 sacks. For his efforts, he was named All-Long Island and All-conference along with being selected to play in the Outback Bowl. He is awaiting word if he will be selected to play in the Governor's Bowl. He stated that his footwork and his understanding of the game set him apart from other players..

Along with his abilities on the football field, Romolus had also played basketball. He averaged eight points and eight rebounds from his power forward position. But he quit his school's basketball team to focus on football. In the weight room, he has only begun to scratch the surface. He benches 320lbs and squats 410lbs.

For Romolus, the fact that the program is on the rise and the outstanding facilities were enough for him to make New Brunswick his home for the next four years. Romulus selected Rutgers over Hofstra and a few late suitors. He is recruited to play center but he can also play guard.

During his visit to Rutgers, he was hosted by Rutgers current starting center Darnell Stapleton and shared his room with Emmanuel Cook. Since Romolus is a native New Yorker, he spent a lot of the time with Brooklyn native Parker Cantey and Queens Native Jeffrey Aime. The three had a lot of fun especially during their visit to the ESPNZone in Time Square, where they had a video game basketball tournament.

Romolus stated that he might contact his fellow New Yorkers (Brooklyn native Parker Cantey and Queens Native Jeffrey Aime) in order to have them join him at Rutgers.

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