A First Glimpse of The Insight Bowl

In less than one week, thousands of Scarlet clad enthusiasts will be making their way down to the Greater Phoenix area. Below, we offer a first glimpse of what fans are likely to encounter as they get ready for ASU vs RU.

Signs of Rutgers Football begins to dot the town with a bright Scarlet.

Adjacent to the stadium formerly known as The Bob are various eateries waiting to be taken over by those clad in Scarlet.

The walkway adjacent to the stadium offers a wonderful location to meet other fans.

The Front Row, ingeniously placed inside the stadium offers great views and a solid variety of eating alternatives.  The sports memorabilia located inside will make it worth fans of all sports to take a look.

A view of the home of The Insight Bowl from deep in left field.

Taking a look at the outfield where bleachers will be moved in to accommodate the rectangular football field. 

For those with Apple QuickTime, this movie offers a view of the entire stadium. Depending on your connection, you may need to allow for a minute or two for complete download.


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