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Statistical Matchups between the Knights and the Sun Devils

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By Mike Fasano


         Half the fun of sports is talking about it. Fans talk about the player, the game, the matchup. And how could you talk about it if it wasn't for statistics. If there is one things sports fans love it is statistics. But hold your horses. Statistical matchups between the Knights and the Sun Devils won't come easy. These teams have no common opponents, they play in leagues separated by 3000 miles and, in fact, only one Big East team played a PAC 10 opponent all year long!


    That one? That was back on September 17th when Louisville demolished PAC 10 middle-of-the-roader Oregon State by a score of 63-27.


    Can't tell much by that. Getting a handle on the relative strengths of these two teams won't come easy. Here's all the Stats that I could find. Make of them what you will.


Sagarin Ratings


Arizona State  28

Rutgers        53


CBS Sportsline Rankings


Arizona State   35

Rutgers         42



Top 25 Votes (Coach's Poll)


Arizona State 0

Rutgers       1


Vegas Line


Arizona State by 12



Arizona State 6-5

Rutgers 7-4


Sagaran Strength of Schedule

Arizona State 21st

Rutgers 82nd


Wins Over Bowl Bound Teams


Arizona State 52 Northwestern 21

Rutgers 31 Navy 21



Quality Losses


Number 1 Ranked USC 38 Arizona State 28

Number 5 Ranked Oregon 31 Arizona State 17

Number 10 Ranked LSU 35 Arizona State 31

Number 17 Ranked UCLA 45 Arizona State 35


Number 11 Ranked West Virginia 27 Rutgers 14


Offensive Statistics


NCAA Ranking Total Offense

Arizona State 4

Rutgers 50


NCAA Passing Offense

Arizona State 3

Rutgers 58


NCAA Ranking Rushing Offense

Arizona State 67

Rutgers 40



NCAA Ranking Scoring Offense

Arizona State 11

Rutgers 53



NCAA Ranking Passing Efficiency

Arizona State 6

Rutgers 54


NCAA Ranking Passes Had Intercepted

Arizona State 54

Rutgers 108


NCAA Ranking Third Down Conversion Percentage

Arizona State 8

Rutgers 76


NCAA Ranking Fourth Down Conversion Percentage

Arizona State 51

Rutgers 56








Defensive Statistics


NCAA Ranking Total Defense

Arizona State 114

Rutgers 38


NCAA Ranking Passing Defense

Arizona State 109

Rutgers 63


NCAA Ranking Rushing Defense

Arizona State 91

Rutgers 31


NCAA Ranking Scoring Defense

Arizona State 83

Rutgers 46


NCAA Ranking Pass Efficiency Defense

Arizona State 97

Rutgers 78


NCAA Ranking Sacks

Arizona State 73

Rutgers 2


NCAA Ranking Tackles For Loss

Arizona State 36

Rutgers 5


NCAA Ranking Passes intercepted by

Arizona State 65

Rutgers 107


NCAA Ranking Third Down Conversion Percentage Defense

Arizona State 81

Rutgers 46


NCAA Ranking Fourth Down Conversion Percentage Defense

Arizona State 30

Rutgers 36




Special Teams Statistics


NCAA Ranking Net Punting

Arizona State 113

Rutgers 101


NCAA Ranking Punt Returns

Arizona State 8

Rutgers 50


NCAA Ranking Kickoff Return

Arizona State 5

Rutgers 13


NCAA Ranking Punt Return Defense

Arizona State 110

Rutgers 98


NCAA Ranking Kickoff Return Defense

Arizona State 41

Rutgers 109




Miscellaneous Team Statistics


NCAA Ranking Turnover Margin

Arizona State 24

Rutgers 77


NCAA Ranking Fewest Fumbles Lost

Arizona State 20

Rutgers 1


NCAA Ranking Fewest Penalties Per Game

Arizona State 114

Rutgers 68


NCAA Ranking Top 100 Offensive Players - Rushing

Keegan Herring, Arizona State, Rank 69


Ray Rice, Rutgers, Rank 44

Brian Leonard, Rutgers, Rank 92


NCAA Ranking Top 100 Offensive Players – Passing Efficiency

Ryan Hart, Rutgers, Rank 14


NCAA Ranking Top 100 Offensive Players – Total Offense

Ryan Hart, Rutgers, Rank 69


NCAA Ranking Top 100 Offensive Players – Receptions Per Game

Derek Hagan, Arizona State, Rank 20

Randy Burgess, Arizona State, Rank 56

Michael Thomas, Arizona State, Rank 65


Brian Leonard, Rutgers, Rank 74


NCAA Ranking Top 100 Defensive Players – Interceptions

Jamar Williams, Arizona State, Rank 60


Ron Girault, Rutgers, Rank 68


NCAA Ranking Top 100 Defensive Players – Tackles for Loss

Dale Robinson, Arizona State, Rank 30

Dewayne Holyfield, Arizona State, Rank 76


Ryan Neill, Rutgers, Rank 5

Rameel Meekins, Rutgers, Rank 30

Val Baranby, Rutgers, Rank 55





     Okay, what can you tell from all of this?


     Arizona State has a killer passing attack and they are scary deep at wide receiver. That doesn't bode well for the Knights who are more adept at defending the run than they are at defending the pass.


     The Sun Devils are also battle tested against top competition. They have played a fierce schedule and were manhandled by no one.


     On the other hand the Knights are the better balanced squad. While ASU relies on its passing attack to kill you, Rutgers does many things well both on offense and defense. A bad passing game for ASU would be fatal to them, not so for Rutgers.


     On offense, RU has to mix it up. Use their balance on offense and keep the ball away from ASU.


On defense, Rutgers must get to ASU's QB and must do that consistently throughout the game. If ASU gets time to pass, it will be a long night for Rutgers. If the Rutgers pass rush throws the Sun Devils pass game out of sync – this is anyone's game since Rutgers will score against Arizona State and may score often.


 My advice: On the first passing down run a blind side corner blitz and punish the ASU QB for throwing the ball. In fact, punish him early and often.


Get him to think about that.


Enjoy the stats, enjoy the game.


See you in Phoenix.

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