News and Notes From Day 2

"It was good," stated Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano after the conclusion of the Scarlet Knight's second practice Friday afternoon. "You can tell that they did a lot of things yesterday and that they did a lot of running around and then going out into town, but I think every step for us is a learning process so now we'll start pulling things back."

"They know as the game gets closer what it's going to take to prepare to win, so, overall it was a good practice," stated Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano.

Indeed, too much practice, Schiano stated, may reach a point where it becomes counter-productive. Ensuing practices will be scaled back on the field while increased emphasis will be placed in the film room.

"We had two good practices yesterday and today. When I say that I mean a physical one hour and fifty minutes and a two hour and five minute practice time. Now we'll start scaling it back. They'll be shorter and we'll spend a little more time in the meeting room and a little less time on the field.

Injury Report
"Outside of the guys that we've lost for the season, the guys that we've been playing with for the last half of the season, we've got a couple of bumps and bruises just in the last couple of days. Nothing that will keep guys from playing but it will keep them from practicing at full strength."

The team is as healthy as it probably has been all season. Willie Foster, the Big East Special Teams Player of The Year, who has been playing hurt all year, and several other players, have used the past month's off-time to heal wounds.

In For a Surprise?
"You might [see some new wrinkles versus Arizona State]," said Schiano.

"I obviously can't tell you though," stated Schiano, amidst chuckles from those around.

Fun and Work For the Players, But ...
It's all work for the coaching staff. The week's festivities have been planned with the players interests in mind. However, the situation is worlds different for the coaching staff as they continue to prepare for Tuesday evening's contest versus the Sun Devils.

"Later in the week maybe [the staff will have some off time], but right now not much," stated Schiano. "We get to have dinner with the family, I got to watch my kids swim around a little yesterday. But there's a lot of things to do. And that's good, it's fun. This is for the kids and the families, this isn't for the coaches. The coaches have a job to do. When we can be with our families we'll be with them."

On Recruiting
One of the most fun times of the year, especially so for fans, is recruiting season. This year should be especially intriguing for followers of the Scarlet Knights as the Rutgers staff, for the first time, does not have to sell the future promise of a possible Bowl Game.

"We're filling up pretty quickly. We don't have many left. It's going to be a matter of just walking them all to the altar.

On Arizona State
"I saw them one night, they played LSU. That was my initial impression of them and they're pretty darn good. As I study them from a coaching standpoint, yeah, they're good. Offensively, they're just so explosive and have so many different weapons that it's gonna be a challenge to slow them down. No one has been able to stop them. We'll try to slow them down a little bit and try to do our job offensively," stated Schiano.

Did You Know?
The Inaugural Insight Bowl, then known as the Copper Bowl, was held on New Year's Eve at Arizona Stadium in Tucson. In 1997, Tucson's bowl game was renamed to Bowl. In 2000, the match was moved to Phoenix and played in the home of the Arizxona Diamondbacks.

Next year, the game will move to the home of the Sun Devils, site of this year's Fiesta Bowl. The Fiesta Bowl will then be played in Glendale's (AZ) new state of the art facility, a stadium whose construction is still underway.

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