Orlando Kane

Orlando Kane, 5-81/2, 4.37, 170, WR, Lawrence Twp HS

Every so often I talk to a player and a statistic just jumps out at me. Check this one out. Out of the 24 touchdowns that Orlando Kane had last year 7 of them came on special teams. Four punt returns for touchdowns and three kickoff returns for touchdowns.

Orlando Kane. We're talking speed. Real speed. Orlando's 4.37 in the forty is solid. Laser timed solid. Last year that speed helped Orlando run for over 1537 yards on 232 carries. Fifteen of his 24 touchdowns came rushing the ball, two by the pass and the rest ... well, you know. "The coaches who are recruiting me tell me that they want my speed on the offensive side of the field." That's not surprising. Division 1A teams live and die for that type of speed and the list of schools recruiting Kane are like a who's who of college football. They include Boston College, Iowa, North Carolina State, Miami, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Kansas State and Illinois. Early offers have come from Rutgers and UConn with Virginia set to extend an offer shortly.

Of those schools Orlando really likes Virginia, NC State and especially the Scarlet Knights who are recruiting him as a flanker. He says of Coach Schiano, "I feel comfortable around him and I really believe in him." As to Rutgers he notes, "I think that they'll turn the program around, there's no doubt in my mind." He adds that the fact that Rutgers is close to home is a real plus as is their excellent business programs. Orlando plans a future in business and business management and noted that the RU programs in those fields are among the best in the nation. He comes from a family that values academics and the academic standing of the schools he chooses from will be an important factor in his final decision.

Orlando plans to camp at Rutgers and Virginia this summer where the coaches of those schools will get a chance to look at him up close. This coming season fans will be able to see Orlando as he tears up the gridiron for his senior year. Last year as a junior Orlando was Third Team AP All State. He was also an All Area player and you can imagine that those types of honors will continue to pile up through the coming season.

Will those "Jersey" honors continue through Orlando's college years? They just might, so be sure and stay tuned for our follow ups on this game breaking player who likes the Scarlet Knights.

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