Greg Olsen - one the best players in the nation

Greg Olsen (6'5"- 243lbs) is rated by many as the best college prospect in New Jersey and among the elite players in the nation. He plays tight end, defensive end, and covers 40-yards in 4.68 seconds.


Greg Olsen currently does not have any leaders. In no order, he lists Miami, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Syracuse, USC, Stanford, Michigan, Rutgers, Nebraska, and UVa among the schools that he is considering. As you can see from his list of schools, he has no preference for a conference, climate, school, or region of the country. He is opened minded about all of the schools on his list and will not rule out any one of the programs.


He is looking for a schools/football program that will give him an opportunity to play early, prepare him for the NFL, and have a good academic program that provides a curriculum/degree that gives him the ability to succeed in the future. He plans to major in Criminal Justice or Criminal Law and pursue a career in the FBI or CIA.


When asked if he has a preference of offense or defense?  He would prefer to play tight end but with play anywhere he is needed.


He plans to attend the one-day Tennessee camp on June 15th and will attempt to go to the UVa camp. There are other camps that he would like to attend but his high school final examinations conflicts with other camp dates.


Does he want to play with his brother Christian at Notre Dame? This is a question that everyone is asking him. He says although it might be nice to play with his brother it will not greatly effect his decision. He will judge each school purely on how comfortable he feels with the school, the coaching staff, and the football program. If it is Notre Dame, it is Notre Dame. But the decision will not be made because his brother is there.


Currently, he has no plans to commit early. He will wait until the middle of the football season to see how the schools that are recruiting him are utilizing the tight end in their offense.


Is there a chance of him staying home? Olsen likes what is happening at Rutgers and likes the coaching staff. They have been highly interested in him since Coach Schiano arrived at Rutgers. There is nothing that they can do to improve their recruitment of him because they are doing a very good job.


Olsen commented how he likes the job that Coach Schiano is doing at Rutgers. He feels that Coach Schiano is the one who will turn the program around. Although he might not have attended the Spring Game, he received information that the game was night and day compared to last year's game. He did comment that Rutgers would need to show improvement during the season to aid in his decision.


At the end of the May evaluation period, he will devise a list of his top 8 schools. To assist with his decision making process, he will draw on the advise of his brother Christian and his father, who happens to be his high school coach. During the second week of June, we will check back with Greg

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