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According to an informed source, Washington D.C. native, Cortez Davis, a 6'7"  200 pound swing forward, will be on campus at Rutgers this week.  If all goes well, Cortez will sign a University non-binding letter of intent.  Since the May 15, 2002 NCAA LOI deadline has passed, the institutional letter,  a non-binding one to the athlete but binding to the school, is the only type of letter that can be signed.


Davis who started his high school career in Washington spent last year at Bridgeton Academy in Maine obtaining his core grades.  This year he attended Laurinberg Academy, North Carolina and recently obtained a qualifying standardized score.


Cortez was originally slated to attend Maryland but reneged on his commitment due to an alleged disagreement with the staff over the preparatory school he should attend. Earlier this month he gave a verbal to Memphis only to be told that there were no scholarships available. 


The Rutgers staff had recruited Cortez for most of this year.  He and Denham Brown were the top two swing recruits that Rutgers pursued in the fall.  Brown opted for Uconn and Rutgers just hung around with Cortez.  Allegedly Miami had extended an offer and Cortez had declined it.  His family lives in Maryland and his brother lives in New Jersey and the proximity of Rutgers to both of these may be a factor. His brother Keith was a former Division I basketball player at Delaware in the mid-90's.


Davis is an athletic, fast, lean swing who just explodes to the hoop. He is a great finisher and has started to develop more of an outside game.  He is a prototype athlete for the Waters system because of his wingspan and ability to quickly convert from defense to offense on the break.  He is a consensus Top 125 player and has been rated as high as 65 on some systems. 


If Cortez shows up in June for summer school, he will be a welcome addition to this squad.  He and his buddy, Ricky Shields, will get to renew their acquaintance and all the Rutgers faithful will enjoy his on the court performance.


As I said last week, Rutgers will give two more scholarships, one to a swing and one to an insider.  This is part one of the equation and the second part may come in due time.


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