Brandon Preaster

Brandon Preaster, 6-0 182 QB, Montclair HS

What do you when you know you have the ability to play Division 1A football but you spent your junior year behind Tyrone Grigrier at Montclair HS?

What you do is you hit the PSU Nike Camp and open some eyes with an eye opening performance. That's what Brandon Preaster did and now college coaches are echoing Brandon's sentiments. "Brandon", they say, "can make it in big time football."

Last year Brandon found only spot performance behind Grigrier but he made the most of it when he was in the game. His opening game performance was 4-8 for 148 yards and one touchdown. That performance was a result of arm strength, accuracy and cool headedness under pressure ... all the things that coaches saw in him at PSU.

After the Nike Camp performance Brandon immediately started hearing from Div 1A schools. Among those interested are NC State, Illinois, Syracuse, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio State, Georgia and Rutgers.

However, there was one thing that won't show up in a camp setting and that you have to wait to see in a game. That "one thing" is Brandon Preaster's greatest strength. "Vision is clearly my greatest strength", he notes. He has spent a great deal of his time working  with his coach looking off receivers and getting down his reads. Brandon feels that his ability to find and hit the open receiver is the skill that will take him places this season.

Right now Brandon's favorites are Rutgers, Penn State, Illinois, and North Carolina State and he intends to show his ability to some of those schools in the camps he'll attend this summer. Brandon has penciled in the Rutgers camp. He'll chose between PSU and Michigan and will attend a Jeff Trickey's Quarterback Camp in Somerville just to polish up his skills.

But it is not this summer but next year he is waiting for. Playing behind Tyrone Grigrier and watching Montclair come within 30 seconds of a State Championship was almost too much to bear. "I want the ring", Brandon stated with a determination that he evidenced throughout our conversation. With a good line in front of him, a top receiver in Derrick Harper and the type of talent he showed at PSU, this season should be an interesting one for fans of North Jersey football. And, if Brandon fulfills the promise many believe he has it could be one of the more interesting recruiting stories of the coming season.

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