Blanc Currently on Second Official

Standing in at 6-foot-4 and 265-pounds, Mike Blanc, out of Deerfield Beach HS (FL) has already tripped to Rutgers. His second official, taken this weekend was to Michigan State.

Note: This interview was conducted Thursday evening, before Blanc departed for his second official visit, to Michigan State.

"Everything is going really great right now," stated Blanc, one of the most gregarious folks I have had the pleasure of interviewing.

"I'm going to Michigan State tomorrow morning. I've taken only 1 visit so far, to Rutgers. I've also got one coming up to Auburn (January 13) and Arizona State (January 20)."

Blanc's official to Rutgers was a special one, knowing full well that he was one of only a handful of prospects on hand to watch peparation for a Bowl game, something the Scarlet Knights had not been a part of for the longest time.

"It was a really good visit. I enjoyed it and I got to chill with a lot of the players. If I was to go to Rutgers I know I would feel right at home because they have so many guys from down south in Florida," stated Blanc.

If he were to rate his visit, Blanc stated that he'd give the Rutgers visit a 9.

"Eric Foster was my host. He's a real cool person. He's kind of similar to me, he's humble like me. The coaches there were telling me that he's one of the guys they're really looking forward to see step up next year. They're really looking for big things from him."

Blanc, unlike many prospects looking to select a school, had double the interest in the Insight Bowl game as it featured two of the top schools on his list.

"I think that I felt that Arizona State was going to win this game. I thought that Rutgers had a good chance and they really looked ready and focused in practice. I thought that Arizona State would just overpower them . But Rutgers really came out strong. They looked realy good and the game was one of the best games of the bowl season. Rutgers really surprised me with the way they played," continued Blanc.

This past week, Rutgers Assistant Coach Darren Rizzi payed Blanc a visit in southern Florida.

"Everything went well. We were just talking about setting up a time when Coach Schiano could come down and meet with all of us."

It was a busy week for Blanc. The Rutgers staff was paying a visit to Blanc, but they weren't the only ones to do so. Coach Gran of the Auburn Tigers was in the Blanc household this week as Blanc finalized a date of his AU official. The Arizona State staff also payed an in-home visit to Blanc.

At this moment in time, Blanc states that he has a top 2 that includes, in no order, Auburn and Rutgers. Rounding out his list of schools are Miami and Arizona State. Blanc does not rule out the Spartans but does feel he needs to know more about their program. His visit this weekend will undoubtedly familiarize the Deerfield Beach product with what MSU has to offer.

"Wherever I feel most comfortable at that's where I'll be going to. My mom doesn't really care where that is [whether close to home or far]. She likes Rutgers. I keep her up to date on everything when I talk to the coaches. She wants me somewhere and it doesn't matter where. I'd be the first person in my family to attend college and that's what is most important," continued Blanc.

With Patrick Nemorin, a Rutgers commtiment by Blanc's side, Scarlet Knight fans should feel like they have somewhat of an edge. Pat continues to try to work on Blanc and help secure a defensive tackle commitment that Rutgers sorely needs.

Nemorin, a Rutgers commitment, states that while he is headed to Rutgers, schools continue to try to recruit him.

"FAU, Arkansas State, Eastern Michigan, Colorado, and a few others are still recruiting me. I tell them that I'm committed but they say that they're going to recruit me anyway," states Nemorin.

Nemorin, however, will take an official visit to FAU on the 20th of January.

Regarding Blanc, fans should not expect a decision until after his officials have been taken. Yet to play in the Dade-Broward All-Star game (scheduled for mid-January) (Blanc has already participated in the Florida North-South Game), Blanc seems intent on holding on to his remaining official visit depending on whether the Miami Hurricanes decide to step in with increased interest.

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