Dimitri Vallis

Dimitri Vallis, 6-4, 275, 5.0, OL, Northern Valley Old Tappan High School

Offensive line is not a glory position. With the crowd cheering the wide receiver as he runs into the endzone, who remembers the job the offensive line did?

Who would want that thankless job?

Dimitri Vallis has the answer to that question.

"It's real rewarding, the fans might not know that you did a great job but your team mates do and the coaches do."

Not only is that true but more and more college coaches would like to answer their own offensive line questions with this bright young man from Northern Valley Old Tappan High.

Dimitri Vallis plays on a team that doesn't get a lot of press exposure but nonetheless this young man is the whole package. With a GPA 3.0 and a PSAT of 1080 Vallis can "bring it' in the classroom. He can also "bring it" on the field. Last year on defense he had 53 Tackles, 12 Tackles for losses, 3 QB Sacks and 2 Fumble Recoveries but it is on the offensive line that college coaches look for him to play next year.

Dimitri is an excellent pulling guard who is noted as being a superb pass protector. Vallis has, as they say, "great feet" and people who know him add that he has a "great work ethic" and "great attitude" on top of it.

Early interest in Dimitri comes from UCLA, USC, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, UConn.

The Los Angeles schools have a particular appeal in that Dimitri is looking to a career in film but a trip to L.A. took some of the luster out of the west coast. "I liked the facilities and the coaches but I want to be close to home and I also like the cold weather here", he noted.

Dimitri is looking for a school close to home with a good film program.

Listed as one of the top linemen out of the State of New Jersey by FansOnly's Bill Hodge,  Dimitri's recruiting story is going to be another one to keep a close watch on as the season unfolds.

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