Mike Ragone - One of Top NJ Prospects

When I mention the words Woodrow Wilson HS, the first thought on the minds of most would probably be two premiere Safeties, Antwine Perez and Andrey Baskin, both nationally recruited prospects this year. It was versus Perez & Baskin, where Mike Ragone, as a junior, showed glimpses of his future stardom. Fast forward one year and without a doubt, a prospect that will be on the minds of many colleges across the nation will be a 6-foot-5 and 230-pound TE prospect by the name of Mike Ragone.

Mike Ragone [6-foot-5 and 230-pounds], by way of Camden Catholic (Cherry Hill, NJ), will be one of the most sought-after student-athletes in the entire state of New Jersey this year.

Scout.com had a chance to catch up with Ragone shortly after his Junior Day visit to Notre Dame this weekend.

"I just got in. I was amazed at the whole experience from when I got there to when I left. What was more overwhelming than anything was when my father and I sat down with Coach Weis to talk and Coach offered me a scholarship," stated Ragone.

"The facilites there are top-notch and he's [Coach Weis] so concerned about my education there more than anything, because we know that we have to balance football with school. And that was really impressive."

Ragone, who was evidently still on cloud 9 after receiving a scholarship offer from the Irish, now holds two offers. The other being from his state school, Rutgers.

"Rutgers, it's a good school. The problem is that, with Notre Dame too, I've only been to see the schools for one single day. I want to continue to visit other schools and go back to the schools I've been to so I can get a good idea of where I want to go."

Ragone's only Junior Day visit will be to Notre Dame. Due to his wrestling participation, which will continue through March, he will be unable to make any more Junior Day visits to other schools.

We asked Ragone where most of his interest is coming from at this time.

The list is long and Ragone, admittedly, could not name them all. Some he could recall included Ohio State, Notre Dame, Virginia, Rutgers, and Miami.

With it being so early in the recruiting process, this is the time for prospects to begin to consider some of their priorities in terms of of their preferred characteristics of a college. With Ragone, it seems that much thought has already been invested in this area.

"Definitely, the graduation rate is important for me. I'm going to be focused on football for a good amount of time so the academic support is something important for me. The football team also has to be very good. They have to have a good QB and they have to have a good coach also. And also, wherever I wind up going, I need to make sure that I feel really comfortable there, that I feel like I'm at home," continued Ragone.

Now sitting at an impressive 16-0 while competing as a Heavyweight wrestler, Ragone won't have much time to devote to his recruitment until his wrestling season winds down. Leaving no doubt that football is his primary sport of focus in college, Ragone offered a preliminary favorites list.

"If I had to pick a Top 3 I definitely think Notre Dame would be one of them and I think Rutgers would be one of them also."

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