Rutgers will be Lowery's Home

The recruitment of 3-star LB Antonio Lowery has drawn to an end. The Columbus HS star received 22 scholarship offers along the way, but when it came down to decision time, Rutgers bested all.

Antonio Lowery is very familiar with Rutgers. The 6-ft-2 inch and 210 pound LB from Christopher Columbus HS secured one of his first offers from the New Jersey based school during his junior year.

"Many schools started off real hard with me but the difference was that Rutgers stayed with me the entire time," stated Lowery shortly after committing to the Scarlet Knights.

Lowery initially decided to commit to Rutgers this past Friday. However, at that time, an official trip to Colorado State was still in the offing for the weekend of the 21st. It was at that time when Lowery discussed things over with his HS coach.

Either he would commit and take no more visits or he would continue tripping.

"So I decided to cancel my visit [to CSU] and commit," said Lowery.

Looking back on his official visit to Rutgers, Lowery spoke as if Christmas morning still awaited him.

"That visit up there was just so great. I had set up my plan from the beginning about what I needed to find in a school to make me feel comfortable. I needed something to remind me of home. Visiting New York [city] was great and the entire New York and New Jersey area is just like it is at Miami. It reminded me of home," said Lowery.

In addition, Lowery stated he is "100% committed".

"I am not going to take any more visits," continued Lowery.

During Christmas break Lowery had a chance to watch Rutgers participate in their first Bowl Game in many a year. His impression was a positive one.

"I loved [the game]. They just made a few mistakes here and there, otherwise they could have won that."

"Right now Rutgers is an up and coming program. They're not there yet, because they're still on the up and up, they're still going up, and that's what I wanted to be a part of," continued the newest Scarlet Knight.

"With the recruiting ties that Coach Schiano and Coach Demo [Rutgers DB Coach, Chris Demarest] have down here in Florida, it's just going to keep getting better and better."

For many players, the bond created with their future teammates is often the primary reason for their commitment. For Lowery, the similarities to Miami and his feel for Coach Schiano and Coach Demarest were ultimately the reasons for his decision.

"Coach Schiano, he's just awesome. Just the way he talks about family and everything, and how all the coaches came down here to see me in person."

"With Coach Demo, he's great. He's the best recruiter I've ever seen."

Coach Schiano, Coach Demarest, Coach Flood and Coach Godette all paid an in-home visit to Lowery last week, before his appearance in the Dade/Broward All-Star game this past weekend.

"My grandmother, she just loved it [after meeting and talking to the coaches]. She said to just take it [the offer] and go up there."

Antonio's grandmother, was diagnosed with cancer some time ago. Despite her illness, she continues to maintain a positive attitude and loving demeanor. After going through chemo-therapy she is undeniably improved and has gotten beyond her illness.

Last weekend, Lowery, while participating in part-time duty in the Dade/Broward All-Star game, registered 5 solo tackles and 3 assisted tackles.

The 3-star prospect wasn't shy when discussion turned to another Rutgers commitment, Chris-Paul Etienne.

"Oh my god, with that guy, he's just unreal. There's no limit with him. He's the best quarterback I've ever seen. He throws the ball 70 yards in the air. He just takes two steps back and throws it 70 yards in the air. You know, he won the MVP award for the All-Star game down here. He went 3-4 for 166 yards. It was just unreal."

Lowery who is well aware that Rutgers is also pursuing two of his HS friends to come up north hopes that the Scarlet Knights are able to land the Northwestern HS stars.

"I talked to them [WR Tim Brown and CB/S Bryan Wright of Northwestern HS]. They really, really like Rutgers. They told me that they loved it up there. I hope that they go up there also."

Antonio Lowery at the Rutgers
Summer Camp in NJ this past summer.

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