Albert Young

Albert Young (RB, 5'10"-205lbs) is one of the best running backs in the Northeast. He has been ripping up the gridiron since his freshman year, where he ran for more than 800 yards. Last season, he ran for more than 1,100 yards, after missing three games.

These efforts have not gone without notice. He already has a number of verbal and written scholarship offers with many more on the way. In order, his favorites are Wisconsin, Colorado, and Virginia Tech. These schools are followed by Rutgers, Boston College, Notre Dame, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Young said that he will base his decision on his ability to fit into the offense, the school's academic reputation, the utilization of the running back in the offense, and the quality (notoriety or prestige) of the football program. He would like to be a feature back with the opportunity to catch the ball out of the backfield. It does not matter to him if he has a fullback to lead his way but he will be looking for a team with a good offensive line.

He would like to major in Sports Management or Special Education.

Currently, he has no plans on committing early. He would like to take a few official visits before committing. He has taken unofficial visits to Rutgers, Maryland, and Penn State. During the summer, he has plans to take some unofficial visits to Virginia and South Carolina. His cousin lives in South Carolina, so this can be a factor.


Any possibilities of staying in New Jersey for school?

He is looking to get out of New Jersey. He said that he has been in New Jersey all of his life and would like to see other parts of the nation. Even with this being said, Rutgers is still a true possibility. He likes the coaching staff and thinks highly of Coach Schiano. He said that he might not have considered Rutgers if the former coaching staff was still there. For his five official visits, he said that there is a good possibility that Rutgers will be one of them.

Summer football camps:

Currently, he is not sure where he will be camping for the summer. If the school has already offered him he will probably not attend that camp. However, he would like to camp at Ohio State and Virginia Tech. Some other possibilities are Boston College and North Carolina.

The Transfer rumor:

He informed me that there is a good chance of him transferring to Holy Cross for his final season. He will be moving in with his father and many of his friends attend the school.

We will check back with Albert at the end of June.

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