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The NCAA Division I Baseball Committee announced the 64-team field for the 2002 Division I Baseball Championship and, for the first time in five years, failed to include Rutgers University.
The Scarlet Knights, who will miss the tournament for the first time since 1997, end their season with a 35-22 mark, which includes two wins over Miami and a trip to the finals of the Big East Baseball Championship.
Rutgers shut out of NCAA baseball

Recruiting Prospect

Today, in order to play quarterback in a major college program, signal-callers must meet coaches' demands for more than proven athletic skill.
That just gets you in the door.
It's almost like the NFL Draft. The major colleges demand that a prospect be top-quality from every aspect from tip to toe. In every such category available, Brett Weyman excels.
QB Weyman: The recruiting discovery of the year

Interesting Articles

Joe Paterno has fallen. The nation is waiting to see whether he will get up.
Paterno has stood tall -- very tall -- for most of his 36 years as head coach of Penn State. There are the national championships in 1982 and 1986, the five undefeated seasons and the 327 career victories, not to mention the piles of money he has given to the university's library system.
Has the game passed Paterno by?

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