Laryea Comments on Rutgers Visit

Edmond Laryea gave rave remarks regarding his visit to Rutgers this past weekend. The 6' 202 lb running back stated: "The visit was awesome."

"We went to ESPN in the City. I beat everyone in Air Hockey, except for Rizzi," said Edmond Laryea.

"Rizzi is the Air Hockey king".

On his thoughts about RU, he said, "Rutgers is an incredible school with a great coaching staff. Plus it is only 20 minutes from home, which makes me feel more comfortable there. I feel fortunate and am working very hard to be able to improve this team."

When asked what RU's plans for him, he responded that they are looking at him to play a hybrid TB/FB position.

"I know the competition is going to be real good, so I just have to work everyday to get bigger and faster. I am working out hard and have been running the bleachers. I am going to run track this spring to improve my quickness and explosiveness. I run the 100M, the 4X100, and hurdles. I am just very determined and excited by this opportunity to be at Rutgers."

On the year, Laryea rushed for 1254 yards and 17tds. He was also an impact on defense with 64 tackles, 5 sacks and 1 int.

He was hosted by Ron Girault and the two struck up a nice connection.

Laryea also got to meet future RU QB Tom Lang, who he said impressed him with his size. "That kid is big. He is a legit 6'4".

We will keep in touch with Edmund to follow his progress in track and his development in the weight room in the off-season.

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