Noonan excited to be a Knight

Charlie Noonan says that the first thing he will do Wednesday morning is bring his papers in to school and fax his letter of intent to become a Scarlet Knight.

Charlie Noonan comes across as a confident young man, a competitor, and one that loves the game of football.

When asked to define his highlight of his senior year, he stated "winning the Catholic League championship". Many athletes currently would describe some great performance, but automatically this young man mentions his team's success. Impressive!

  St Joe's Prep is a school with a lot of talent, and a place RU looks to recruit hard in the future. The school started the year ranked 8th nationally. In the 2nd game, unfortunately, Charlie sustained a knee sprain that forced him to miss 4 games. When asked how his injury impacted him, he stated "what hurt was other teams started running traps, power plays to my side that I could have stopped. Plays that opponents did not run when I was healthy and in the game".

Currently, the knee feels fine and he does not have to wear a brace anymore.

When questioned if the injury hurt his recruitment, Charlie hesitated for a second, and then responded: "It may have, but that is irrelevant. I love the opportunity I have at Rutgers."

But it does seem as if the injury did not slow Noonan down very much. Even though he missed 1/3 of the season, he was named 2nd Team All-State in PA. He will also play in the Big 33 game this summer. He is so excited about competing in the Big 33 game, that he has decided to not play baseball this spring, where he would have been St Joe's first baseman, and is going to spend the spring lifting in order to be in top shape for this prestigious All-Star game.

Lastly, being that RU is in need of lineman, I questioned him on his teammate, St Joe's heralded lineman named Jim McKenzie. Noonan did admit to trying to convince Jim to attend Rutgers. But McKenzie will sign his papers to play at Syracuse on Wednesday.

When asked if McKenzie was excited about heading up to Syracuse, Noonan responded, "If you can get excited about 1-11 years, I guess so. "

McKenzie will play Center at Syracuse and Noonan says "I look forward to roughing up my boy."

A little friendly trash talk is always good. But this may be an interesting Big East battle for years to come.

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