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 Q: Austin from Boulder asks:
What players have the most to gain in the current NCAA tournament? If a pitcher throws extremely well or extremely poorly, is it likely that these performances will mean a great deal?

A: Jim: If Rutgers had made it, Bobby Brownlie could have helped quell concerns about his arm if he had a huge game. As it is, teams have their minds made up on most of the guys and what happens this weekend won't change much. It's possible a performance could help break a tie if a team is uncertain, but I don't think anyone will move too much based on this weekend.
Baseball America - Chat Wrap: Jim Callis


Where are they now? Ray Lucas

Watch out for hard-throwing quarterback Ray Lucas.

''Yeah, I've got to take a look around and make sure who the quarterback is,'' Gadsden said, joking that a Lucas missile could do some severe damage.
The Miami Herald | 05/01/2002 | Gadsden pursues spot as starter


Big East Football - 'Cuse loses highly touted running back

Syracuse University tailback Diamond Ferri, the front-runner at one point to replace James Mungro as the starter this fall, will miss the 2002 season. SU head coach Paul Pasqualoni said Thursday that Ferri is taking a one-year leave of absence from school. Pasqualoni declined to give specific reasons, but said it was a combination of factors including Ferri's schoolwork, his missing spring practice and his commitment to the team.
Ferri leaving SU


Court Club

The annual meeting of the Rutgers Court Club will take place on thursday evening, June 6, 2002, at 7:30PM at the Hale Center. Get the low down on Rutgers 2001-2002 season and a look to the 2002-2003 season with the Metropolitan Basketball Writers Coach of the Year, Gary Waters. Find out what the team will be doing this summer to improve itself. Voice your thoughts about the new NCAA regulations on player eligibility and other recent rule changes. Get on board the TEAM BEHIND THE TEAM, the RUTGERS COURT CLUB.


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