2006 Class Comes to a Close

"This is another big step in the improvement of our football program. First I should thank our players, because ultimately they are our best recruiters and when these guys come on campus and go back home and they talk about what's going on here at Rutgers I think that is probably the biggest influence on a young man."

"I think this class is really going to help the program take the next step," stated Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano upon unveiling his 2006 recruiting class.

One of the striking looks of the class, as it had begun to take shape for the majority of the recruiting season was the preponderance of non-NJ players. However, around the holiday season several New Jersey prospects decided to take the plunge on Rutgers. And the finalilty of the situation, while resulting in a heavy dose of out of state players, still included several big-time local prospects that took a chance on their state school.

"In order to recruit this class I think we stuck to our recruiting strategy and that's recruit in the State of Rutgers. Number one, in the spring time, being in every single school in the state of New Jersey - that will never change. This will never change. We're glad, in the southern part of the state to be able to make some serious breakthroughs as well as the State of Rutgers, in New York, Pennsylvania, the surrounding states. Our success in New York has continued," continued Schiano.

Below are Schiano's comments on each of the player's that sent in their faxes to Rutgers on Letter of Intent Day.

Sorie Bayoh - just a guy who plays with an incredible motor.

Blair Bines - dominating type, big physical LB, the kind we need.

Kenny Britt - Kenny is a guy that can be as good as he wants to be.

Tim Brown - probably as fast a guy as we have ever recruited to this program.

Jesse Cisco - very good athlete, a big athlete.

Jack Corcoran - another guy, you look at the class and I said it last year and I'll say it again, there's alot of winners. St. Joe's Hammonton, seven straight state championships and Jack was the leader of that football team.

Ryan D'Imperio - played RB, played LB. Very talented guy. The FB/LB body type is something we targeted this year.

Shamar Graves - very good football player.

Matt Hardison - we had the opportunity to coach Matt at camp. Exciting guy to have coming.

Kevin Holloway - a cover corner, a guy that can go step for step in there for you.

Julian Hayes - he's a big strong kid that can probably play a number of positions.

Zaire Kitchen - big, strong, physical, right now a Safety.

Tom Lang - a guy who came down to a day at our camp. Boy are we glad that he came back.

Mo Lange - he is already on campus. He is going to play tackle for us.

Edmund Laryea - very athletic, cathes the ball, and is a very big hitter.

Antonio Lowery - excellent player, very instinctual. Just kind of hit it off, he felt very good about Rutgers and we felt right about him.

Jeff Minemyer - big, strong tight end out in the western part of PA. He plays basketball, is a great athlete. He is a TE that can be 270 pounds.

Andres Morales - another guy that we experienced in our camp. This big guy running around there in the 7-on7s.

Patrick Nemorin - played all different positions in high school.

Charlie Noonan - a guy who plays with an incredible motor. He is a strong, strong guy.

Chris Paul-Etienne - an incredible, incredible athlete. He can do it all, run, throw. Very, very talented guy.

Marlon Romulus - Marlon is going to be an inside player for us, a Center or Guard.

Markus White - big, rangy guy who without question, has his best football is ahead of him.

Eric Wilson - big, strong, stout defensive tackle. A guy that, I think, when you bring in a JC football player, he needs to fulfill a need and he does that for us. He's going to play defensive tackle for us.

Kordell Young - incredible running back. He is a special player.

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