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A black Ford Mustang rolled stealthily into the Edison Boys Little League complex, its tires barely disrupting the tiny stones of an unpaved driveway. From a distance, kids at a concession stand, who would recognize that car from another time zone, gasped, pointed then shouted: "It's him! He's here!" They dropped everything (a ravenous 9-year-old won't part easily with his hot dog), and sprinted down a beaten path toward the car.  As Bobby Brownlie emerged from the vehicle, kids gathered around him like moths to a flame. "They all got their hats and bats and balls and napkins and whatever else they could find, lined up and wanted him to sign everything," said Kim Esposito, Brownlie's girlfriend. "To me he's just Bobby, so it's hard to understand why they all want his autograph. I think it's funny because I don't see him that way."
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"It was a very exciting and rewarding day," said Waters. "The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. The most important part of the day was the money that was raised for a very worthwhile cause. In one day, thanks to the generosity of so many people, we helped enrich the lives of children, who are the future of our communities, our state, and our great country. This was a great first step and it is my hope that this event will get bigger and bigger each year."
Inaugural Gary Waters Charity Golf Classic A Success


Where are they now? Linda Miles

NEW YORK, NY - Former Rutgers women's basketball player Linda Miles was one of two contestants chosen as World Wrestling Entertainment's "Tough Enough 2" champions. "Tough Enough 2," the WWE's reality-based television show in which the two champions earn WWE pro wrestling contracts, aired on MTV Thursday nights.
Former Scarlet Knight Wins World Wrestling Contract


Court Club

The annual meeting of the Rutgers Court Club will take place on thursday evening, June 6, 2002, at 7:30PM at the Hale Center. Get the low down on Rutgers 2001-2002 season and a look to the 2002-2003 season with the Metropolitan Basketball Writers Coach of the Year, Gary Waters. Find out what the team will be doing this summer to improve itself. Voice your thoughts about the new NCAA regulations on player eligibility and other recent rule changes. Get on board the TEAM BEHIND THE TEAM, the RUTGERS COURT CLUB.


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On the new site:

 Have to say I really preferred the old site, but I understand the reasons
for switch and completely support you. You guys did a tremendous service
for RU fans for a long time and deserve to be rewarded with a fancy site and
some remuneration. Good luck!

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