Jesse Holley

Roselle star is raking in offers in both football and basketball.

Jesse Holley, WR, S, 6-4, 4.4 190, Roselle High School

Any school who is looking to bring a top athlete into their program need look no farther than Roselle, New Jersey. Roselle's Jesse Holley might not only be the top wide receiver in New Jersey,  he might be the top athlete. Period.

Early on Jesse has picked up offers from Virginia, Rutgers, Syracuse, Duke, Iowa, Penn State, Notre Dame, UNC, NC State, West Virginia, South Carolina, Michigan,  Ohio State and others   ...  and that is just for football. On the basketball side of the ledger Jesse's early offers are from Marquette, Temple and UMass.

It is no surprise that Jesse is getting so much attention. Last year he played quarterback, wide receiver and free safety in football and wing guard in basketball. He excelled in everything he did. As a basketball player he averaged 19 points per game. As a quarterback he hit 25 of 55 passes for 225 yards, as a free safety he had 45 tackles (38 solos) and three interceptions but  the stats that have college coaches attention are those dealing with what Jesse can do as a wide receiver. Last year Jesse had 49 catches for 865 yards and 15 touchdowns. That's over 17 yards per completion. Those stats were good enough for Second Team All State, First Team All County, First Team All Conference and First Team All Area.

Jesse (and the coaches who are recruiting him) believe that he'll be able to put up stats like that in division 1A. "The average cornerback," he notes," is 5-9, 5-10 and with my size and speed I have a natural advantage. I also have very good  leaping ability, I have never had my vertical leap measured but I can get up there, I can slam dunk a basketball."

In addition to that Jesse is noted as having great hands. He is a guy who catches most everything thrown his way.

Right now Jesse is being recruited the hardest by Rutgers, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Michigan and Syracuse but he considers himself wide open. Noting that he'll be playing AAU basketball and that that and his school obligations may limit his ability to attend football camps Jesse will be "taking an east coast road trip" this summer to look at some of the various schools noted above. He has already visited Rutgers, Virginia, Syracuse and Maryland.

What will Jesse be looking for in a school?

When he noted that he would like to go to a school that could send a wide out to the pros I asked him if that would include a school like Miami. "No, not really," he said, "they bring in great wideouts every year. I want to go to a school where I can come in and play."

Jesse also notes that he is looking for good academics, a good atmosphere, a good tradition of the team and a school with good graduation rates. Finally, he added, "I'd like to go someplace where I could play both basketball and football."

Later in the summer we'll check back on Jesse. His recruiting story may become one of the most closely followed recruiting stories in New Jersey this year.

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