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Football Recruiting

This note I received from a good source on Greg Olsen:

In regard to Greg Olsen. He apparently is in tremendous condition. He took up field events for Wayne Hills this year, similar to how Ryan Neill did late in his HS career. He throws the shot in the 57' range and the discuss over 150'. Pretty good for a former baseball player. In terms of recruiting......he will revise his list down to about 5 or 6 shortly.

His interests are national including Notre Dame, Florida State (Bowden has personally been in NJ to recruit him), Michigan, Tennessee and maybe USC or Stanford. He has not ruled out Rutgers and Mario Cristobal is recruiting him aggressively. I would be very surprised if we land him.......but stranger things have happened.

The same source noted that Matt Lovecchio has a real interest in Rutgers. On the other hand he is trying to make a considered decision so as to end up a school he is happy with.

Finally be sure to check out the new recruiting videos that are now online.

Recruiting videos


Big East Football - PSU adding Big East teams to schedule

Trying to give its football schedule more of a pre-Big Ten Conference look, Penn State will renew its rivalries against Notre Dame and Syracuse. - PSU retools schedule

Tech gets verbal from QB

Miami Central High School football star Courtney Denson has rejected scholarship offers from Florida State and Auburn, among others, in order to play quarterback for Virginia Tech.
Miami Central coach Anthony Saunders confirmed that Tech had received an oral commitment from Denson, a 6-foot-1, 185-pounder who accounted for more than 2,400 yards and 25 touchdowns for a team that made the state semifinals before finishing 11-3.

Sports - VT Football - Miami QB decides on Hokies


Where are they now? Jim Carty

Jim is hot on the trail of a major story at Michigan

Carty: U-M will pay higher price than Martin


Scouting Notre Dame

GOLIC SAYS HE has no doubt that with the hiring on Jan. 1 of Tyrone Willingham as head coach the Irish have taken the right first step to not only turning the program around but also to bringing it back to a place among the nation's college football elite.
ND's return to glory could come quickly


Court Club

The annual meeting of the Rutgers Court Club will take place on Thursday evening, June 6, 2002, at 7:30PM at the Hale Center. Get the low down on Rutgers 2001-2002 season and a look to the 2002-2003 season with the Metropolitan Basketball Writers Coach of the Year, Gary Waters. Find out what the team will be doing this summer to improve itself. Voice your thoughts about the new NCAA regulations on player eligibility and other recent rule changes. Get on board the TEAM BEHIND THE TEAM, the RUTGERS COURT CLUB.


Fan Feedback

On the new site:

 Hope all is well. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your new venture. I hope it proves to be all you think it will be.

Needless to say, I will miss the look of your exit109/rutgersfootball pages. It was unique and well done. Your new version is more along the lines of same 'ol. But everybody makes tradeoffs, and I'm sure you made more than your share in putting the new arrangement together. I hope your faith proves to be justified.

With any luck, you will be chronicling good times before long. I still think football has a long year ahead for 2002. I'm thinking 4-8 with some uncompetitive games. I just hope the games with the middle tier of Big East teams go to the end. That is probably my most significant measure of progress for 2002 and for whether a minor bowl is even possible for 2003. Hoops should prove to be more interesting. While I'm figuring on another NIT season, both the NCAA and a losing record are within the realm of possibility. But I can't help but feel lucky that Rutgers somehow stumbled into getting Gary Waters. (I know you were a big Beilein guy LOL!) I just hope Greg Schiano becomes the game day coach Gary Waters already is.

Again, good luck with your new site. Hope it lives up to the considerable standard your past work has set for it.

Mike Fasano:

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