Reggie, Rip and Douby?

What a performance. Read the Box Score ... 15-32, 9-17 from 3-point range. For those of us who have been fortunate enough to watch all season we knew this was coming.

After Wednesday night's performance we all Douby-lieve that Quincy Douby is arguably one of the best hooters in College Basketball.

While J.J. Reddick and Adam Morrison get all the accolades and lead stories on Sportscenter, Quincy has been consistently making a case for Big East Player of the Year. Yes in a conference full of great guards, it's hard to argue that the league's premier player doesn't reside on the Banks of the Raritan.

I was fortunate enough to play along side the last guy to score 40 points in a game at Rutgers: his name was Keith Hughes and he went on to become Player of The Year and eventually an NBA Second Round Draft Pick. While Keith could do it from the inside and the outside with both power and finesse, Douby is more of a shooter and a slasher. At the end of the day 40 is 40 and scoring that many points in a college game is a rare feat.

As we watch each game it's not hard to hear the grumblings about the possibility of Douby playing at the next level. The doubters will argue he's not strong enough, doesn't create well enough off the dribble, and can't play the point.

Funny, they used to say the same things about Reggie Miller, but 18 years later he puts together a Hall of Fame career without adding a pound of muscle or developing a killer crossover.

Rip Hamilton, a great guard at UCONN who many argued wasn't strong enough, couldn't create off the dribble and had limited range. Even when Rip first entered the league he was said to be on borrowed time with the Washington Wizards with Michael Jordan and Jerry Stackhouse being the model for NBA 2 Guards.

Well who wouldn't want Reggie Miller or Rip Hamilton as their starting 2 guard today?

Time will tell if Douby can follow in the footsteps of Reggie and Rip. There is a lot of season left for Douby to top his outstanding effort at the Carrier Dome, but Scarlet Knight fans have to wonder if this 41 point effort will be the last one they will see in a Scarlet Knight uniform.

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