Shamar Graves: Q & A had a chance to catch up with Woodbridge HS (N.J.) two-way standout Shamar Graves and get his thoughts on his future teammates, his role in recruiting other top players to Rutgers, and much more.

Shamar Graves Q&A session:

AH : You are a big time NJ high-school student athlete. What made you choose RU over other major football programs?

SG: I love being close to home. It makes me happy that my family can come see my games. It is very important to them that they see me play as well as be close to me in general. In addition, I just felt very comfortable there, with the staff and players. And the school has great academics.

AH: This is probably the best WR class RU has ever assembled. Have you developed a relationship with guys like Tim Brown and Kenny Britt? What are your expectations as a unit?

SG: I don't have a relationship with Britt or Brown, but have heard they are great players. We just need to show up and create chemistry. Great athletes with pride just coat well. I am sure we will all become friendly and take care of business.

AH: Coach Schiano said that some of his best recruiters are the RU student-athletes. Are you actively involved in recruiting kids to RU?

SG: Yes actually. There were a bunch of kids that I spoke to that I wanted to join me at RU. I am sure that will continue. We need to keep the top kids here.

AH: What do you think of the players in this RU class? Are there any players that you have a close relationship with?

SG: I really like Tom Lang as a person. I met him up at the ESPN zone. He was throwing the ball around up there and you could tell he has a live arm. But more importantly, Tom just comes off as a real good person.

I know Matt Hardison as well. We go to the same church together and we play basketball together at times. I have not seen him play football, but he is real big, strong and athletic as a basketball player. He is 6'4 250, all muscle. I imagine he is going to be shredding people.

AH: The team loses Tres Moses, a huge weapon on this offense last year. Does the staff, or do you, place expectations to come in and contribute right away, or do you simply approach it as no pressure and just come in and work.

SG: A little bit of both. I don't feel any pressure to come in and elevate this team, but I do feel that I will have a big impact and will help RU win games. I am looking forward to tearing apart our opponents.

AH: Talk about yourself physically.

SG: I am 6'3 ½" and I weighed in today at 204. I ran a 4.5 this summer, but I weighed 215 then. I lost the weight by playing basketball. I feel quicker now. However, I started the RU workout program the other day and my legs just feel tired. It is hard work-challenging.

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