Dorian Bryant

Dorian Bryant (WR/DB, 5'10"-170lbs)


Dorian Bryant is one of the fastest players on and off the field in New Jersey, if not the Northeast. One coach, who had coached against Bryant, said that many of the DBs, RBs, and WRs times are embellished but Bryant 4.26 forty time is genuine. Bryant said that he is not doing well this track season. He said that he has been timed at 10.39 in the 100M dash. Many players would die for that type of speed. His speed is no accident, his mother was a track star during her scholastic days.


He listed his top schools, in order, as Boston College, North Carolina State, and Tennessee. Michigan, Miami, Illinois, Syracuse, PSU, Georgia Tech, and Georgia follow them. Currently, he is looking to get away from home for college.


Why does he favor BC, North Carolina State and Tennessee?


BC – They offered him as a sophomore. After taking an unofficial visit, he fell in love with the school's atmosphere and area.


NC State – He likes the coaching staff and his high school coach was a roommate of the head coach.


Tenn – He likes the number of skilled players that they have put in the NFL along with what Rashard Baker (Tennessee's starting FS and former NJ all-stater) has to say about the school.


He plans on majoring in Sports Medicine or Broadcasting. After his playing days are over, he plans on becoming a surgeon or a sports broadcaster.


He plans on attending camp at Boston College


What about Rutgers?


He likes the coaching staff and what they have been doing recruiting. Although he has plans of leaving the state, he said  Rutgers is not out of the picture.


We will check back with Bryant in the beginning of July.


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